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ProjectNSW - New South Wales Town Names [1.0.0 Released 10/06/19!]

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 15:13
by BobDendry
Project NSW - New South Wales Town Names 0.8.0

It's been a while since I've contributed to the TT community, however I definitely haven't forgotten that everyone exists. I've just released a new version of the ProjectNSW - New South Wales Town Names Set. I'm gradually in the process of moving all of my projects over to an easier development solution that should be much more modular to work on and hopefully quicker to develop.

Enough about that, though. I've compiled over 4000 real life NSW town names for use in your OTTD games. These names contain everything from your well known names (Sydney, Manly, Bondi, Parramatta) to the randomest names imaginable (Kynnumboon?).

I've compiled the names from a free data source based on postcode data, so you might see some random town names in there (such as towns named after shopping centres!). I've put a lot of effort into removing these as well as variations on town names (North Sydney, West Ryde etc etc) however there's sure to be a few left in there. Feel free to drop by the thread and let me know so I can get it fixed for the next release.

It's been good fun to be back into the game. I hope you enjoy using this in your games!

Re: ProjectNSW - New South Wales Town Names [Released 30/01/18!]

Posted: 30 Jan 2018 02:01
by BobDendry
Hi All

version 0.8.0 of this GRF is out! Check it out in the main post or through the OTTD Content Manager.


Re: ProjectNSW - New South Wales Town Names [Released 30/01/18!]

Posted: 10 Jun 2019 01:37
by BobDendry
ProjectNSW Place Names v1.0.0 releases today. This update features a few miscellaneous fixes to remove duplication of some places names with a "Heights" or "Bay" suffix, as well as the removal of some place names that were purely Australia Post mail distribution centres.

Check it out in the main post, or through the OTTD content manager.