[Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

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Re: [Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

Post by ajee »

EDIT: solved, thanks!

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Re: [Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

Post by TheNewTeddy »

Hello; its been years since I've played this game so I apologize if I use bad terminology; but the base in-game "check online content" downloader, lists eGRVTS2 as including vehicles from "1980 to 2070" whereas the "Detailed NewGRF information" file in "NewGRF Settings" lists vehicles from "1800 to 2070" whereas starting a new game and checking the introduction date for the earliest (horse) vehicles at 1700

?( (scratches head) I suppose this is a "hey I noticed this thing for fixing" / "I am confused" post?

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Re: [Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

Post by alevan »

Hi. I noticed a possible bug / feature.

I left my game on for a few hours, and it got to year 2266. But this far in the future, I could no longer buy cars or trams, or build streets.

If it is a feature, could you make the last available vehicles to never expire?

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Re: [Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

Post by LaDoncella »

That's probably an oversight.
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Re: [Univ] GRVTS - Generic Road Vehicles and Trams sets

Post by kitadisa »

Aotrs Commander wrote:
18 Oct 2012 16:16
First off, most importantly, bug/typo report for latest in-game download of eGRVTS 2 (2-175, I think?) "Mettler Archer with Refridgerated Trailer" is "Mettler rcher with Refridgerated Trailer" (missing the "A").

A quick question. I'm currently fiddling around, trying to determine what NewGRFs to use when I set my next game up (as a break between the final push to 2050!) (My current game is running with eGRVTS 1.0, FISH, Av8 (2.11), FIRS 0.75, BATS, generic trams 0.4, 2cc trains (V2 Beta 5) and the ECS & FIRS vehicle set.)

I've been looking at the OpenGFX+ road and rail sets as well, and the former and the ECS&FIRS vehicle sets raised a query.

What was the reasoning why the running costs of the eGRVTS are so much lower than the default vehicles? I've been using eGRVTS 1.0 (because I didn't know about v2 when I started!) and the original vehicle updates with FIRS, and the latter are just completely outclassed. I'm not complaining or anything (quite the opposite, in fact!), I'm just curious why there was such a drastic difference, especially now I'm at the late game (2028, after starting in 1835 with inflation on!)

As much an anything, I'm wondering why the updated sets for FIRS compatibility haven't made similar changes (i.e. different running costs when FIRS is in play), or is that just outside the limitations of the NewGRF coding to do so an remain compatible with normal or, say ECS (or, equally validly, just not something the programmers care to deal with because it's fiddly for no real gain)? (I know nothing about these things!) Or am I just completely off-base there?

(I'd just leave the basic vehicles off altogether, for road vehicles, but the ECS&FIRS vehicle aircraft have nearly as drastically different (lower) running costs than the av8 planes, and the former also provides some ships with lower running costs and higher speeds than those in FISH...!)
The generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set, or GRVTS, provides generic road vehicles and trams for all climates, in dual company colours. Includes vehicles for 1950 to 2050 with standard, express and articulated vehicles. Includes generic support for newGRF cargoes.

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