pb_trax: Finescale standard gauge and 3rd rail.

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Re: pb_trax: Finescale standard gauge and 3rd rail.

Post by Darthrafael »

I'm very sorry if this is considered necroposting too much, but I felt like this was the best place to ask this, and I couldn't find a rule about it (though please point me towards it if I missed it, I might've missed it).

I absolutely love this railset, and it's the main set I use, to the point where I can't play with any railset that has bigger signals anymore. Which is a bit of a problem when I want to try and use a different railset. Would it be possible for a GRF to be created that is just the signals, for use with other railsets? It'd be an amazing grf to have, and as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist yet.

Again, sorry if I should've posted this question elsewhere, but this seemed like the best place to do so to me.

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Re: pb_trax: Finescale standard gauge and 3rd rail.

Post by Cryolaser »

What the grf file for this actually called? The Wiki is down and I can't find it on Bananas. I've searched for fine, scale, finescale, trax, pb_trax, pb...

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