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Re: Rob's Finished Graphics

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andythenorth wrote:<boring_licensing_chat>

I'm interested - how are these licensed under GPL?

They are derivatives of copyrighted materials, which I guess the authors haven't been granted rights for? (TTD base graphics)


Safer to release them under a vague 'public domain' / no license situation. I think implying they are GPL creates a situation where anyone else modifying them is unintentionally infringing copyright.
Rob Claessen to me show details Nov 14 (5 days ago) wrote:
Kevin Fields schreef, Op 14-11-10 15:58 wrote:

I would like to convert some of these and see them uploaded on
GRFCrawler and BaNaNaS. Would you release these under GPL v2?
Yes, that seems to be a good choice. Go ahead and make it happen, me I don't have the time for it.

If there are any infringing sprites, I wouldn't know which ones they are. Rob would know best.

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Re: Rob's Finished Graphics

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Vehicles (except bar vehicles), unmodified parts of farm, coal mine, iron mine.
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