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Looking for Graphics? Ask Here.

Posted: 31 Oct 2005 16:25
by The Irish
Raichase on the 6/4 wrote:Edit by Raichase:

Now, tt-forums has seen a LOT of new grf's come through over the years, and not all of them have stayed on. Sometimes the owners have moved on, and the topics the grf's were in have faded into obscurity, or for other reasons, the GRF can't be found by conventional reasons.

So, if you're looking for an old or obscure grf/exe file, ask here. Remember to try searching the forums first, and check out GRF Crawler too. Otherwise, ask away.

Now, back to The_Irish for the rest of his post :)).
GoneWacko on August 6, 2008 wrote:Edit by GoneWacko:

And don't forget to check out GRFCrawler!
This is gonna sound like newbie, I know, but I really can't figure it out myself.

I downloaded the bigdepots and woodendock .exe a couple of weeks ago. unzipped it to my ttd folder, ran the exe, and voila, perfectly working ingame.
Then with the next alpha upgrade (I took a copy of the whole folder), those modifications where gone. I redownloaded it and ran the exe again, but somehow, no more changes. really strange. any idea how what to do?

Other .exe-files, like for example Robs great Cantilever-bridge always stay there.

Actually, best would be to have a .grf for those files, Is that possible?

Thanks for helping me out.

Running on windows version, Alpha 63 currently, but it has happend a couple of alphas before, dunno which one.

Posted: 31 Oct 2005 16:40
by Rob
Don't know about the others but there is a certain grf that overwrites the standard dock in TTD.
The .exe just changes the standard ones in trg1r.grf, but can be overwritten by a grf.
Just try to disable some grf's that might have overwritten the dock.

Yes I should make that bridge into a grf sometime.
No time atm, so this must wait a bit, unless somebody else wants to do it.

Posted: 31 Oct 2005 16:48
by DaleStan
grdtogrf is the tool for turning exe/grd files into grf files.

[edit by patchman] Updated the URL

Posted: 31 Oct 2005 16:58
by The Irish
Ok, I will give that a grdtogrf thingy a try tonight. Thanks for the tip.

and thanks to Rob, too, I will see if I can figure it out this way too. :D


Posted: 31 Oct 2005 22:49
by Raichase
We do have your canteliever bridge as a grf, 'cause I've got it in my TTD 8)

Posted: 03 Apr 2006 19:00
by The Irish
sorry for digging this up again. But due to my PC crash, I lost the lot of my graphics. Rai, would you mind posting it here please. Of course, only if Rob doesn't mind.

EDIT: Please forget that. I found a copy of my A71 installation on my external drive. I knew I had it somewhere. that speeds up recovery significantly.

Posted: 03 Apr 2006 20:27
by White Rabbit
Never fear! I have the wooden docks right here.

What I don't have, and which I am still searching for, are the big depots.

EDIT: What? :( Well, I still don't have the big depots. :P I'll keep the attachment here, just in case.

Posted: 03 Apr 2006 21:01
by The Irish
Ok, I have the bigdepots as well:

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 17:10
by The Irish
I'm missing another one,

It's called silentnews.grf or something like it. basically disables the stupid toot toot of every message coming in. Search returned only Dalestans nfo-renum topic, but I couldn't find it there.

If anyone has that, please post it to me. thanks.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 17:22
by Rob
Here you go.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 20:56
by The Irish
Good man! :D

Thanks A LOT.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 21:16
by White Rabbit
I wonder if all these GRFs are on Dinger's site because it looked well-stocked and I can't wait for it to come back up...

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 23:05
by Raichase
This topic gave me an idea. So I applied it to this topic. :lol:

Posted: 05 Apr 2006 23:16
by DanMacK
So if you have that bridges grf in your TTDP rai, where is it? ;)

Posted: 06 Apr 2006 00:06
by Raichase
I actually don't have that bridge since my HDD crashed. That post was from a long time ago :)).

However, I have seen the grf floating around somewhere here. If someone has it, please share!

Posted: 06 Apr 2006 05:14
by Rob
Bridge grf ?
You mean my bridge ?
I have made a new grf for it, with a proper GRF-ID.
The other one was made by killer11, without GRF-ID though.

Posted: 06 Apr 2006 11:13
by The Irish
I think all of these should be uploaded on GrfCrawler.

Is it allowed to load up Grfs there if you just have them converted from an exe file? I don't even know who is the author of the bigdepots and woodendocks?

But anyhow, I think at least Rob's bridge should be uploaded.

Posted: 06 Apr 2006 15:26
by Rob
I added it to GRF Crawler.

Posted: 07 Apr 2006 10:18
by Raichase
Cheers Rob. Thats still one of my favorite GRF's ever made :)).

Posted: 07 Apr 2006 11:24
by Hyronymus
I don't like it at all but I did add it to the Combined Roadset. Must've been a moment of weakness.