[GS] Renewed World Disorder

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[GS] Renewed World Disorder

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I'd like to introduce to you a new* script to control towns development: Renewed World Disorder.
I would like to thank Firrel in advance without which this script would not have been completed, and also milek7, who helped create a special version for the server.
RWD v6 - town development conditions.PNG
RWD v6 - town development conditions.PNG (353.53 KiB) Viewed 741 times
Renewed World Disorder script is a mashup of scripts Renewed City Growth created by keoz and New World Disorder created by milek7 and me. The script works very similar to the one known RCG (so partly also RVG). The conditions of development have been changed, in particular the categories of cargoes goes to be similar to the NWD idea. Here, the development of cities, even the smaller ones, is based on five pillars. The most important is communication, which is necessary for the city's development. Construction and trade will also be of particular importance. Providing cities with goods from these categories can significantly accelerate development. Light industry (i.e. mainly agriculture) and heavy industry (i.e. the production of metals, fuels, building materials, etc.) will have also an impact on development.

With what to eat this?
The script will work properly since at least version 1.8.0. It supports most of the available industries sets (FIRS 1, FIRS 3, ECS, SPI 1.32, AuzInd2, NAIS, FERNZ, YETI). In practice, it can be used with any other set from the outside off the list, but some of the cargos may not be visible and taked into account by the script or may not be assigned to the correct category. For simpler industries, the number of categories will be limited to 3 or 4. You can also limit this number yourself in the script settings.I added the option to play with the OpenGFX + Industries / Manpower sets, but it doesn't work perfectly. In their cases, the script will always show a warning about an incorrect cargoes list. However, the script will work fully properly. This is due to the huge number of settings variants (there are thousands of them). It can be probably done better, but I don't know how. Still, I decided that it is better to have such a somewhat flawed option than not to have it at all.

Could it explode?
No. Rather not... Anyway, I didn't notice any problems. The script is based on a proven RCG where most of the major errors have already been eliminated. New problems that appeared in RCG from the game version 1.8.0 was eliminate by Firrel. If you change something in the script settings in the expert part, there may or may not be some irregularities. I left them although I am not convinced of their usefulness myself, but maybe in some situations they will be useful for you.

How it work?
  • Before starting a new game you must select in the script's settings the industry set which you have in the active newGRF list.
  • To make the town grow, it is necessary to provide passenger transport for the inhabitants of this town.
  • When towns have more than 1,000 inhabitants, more elements including construction, trade and industry have an impact on their development. You don't have to provide everything for the town to develop further, but if you do, the town will grow faster. Towns based solely on communication are unlikely to reach larger populations than 8,000 inhabitants.
  • Larger cities need more than just communication. Without supplying local industry, trade or construction, the city will begin to shrink.
  • The higher on the list category is, the more impact it has on city development.
  • Categories of industry relate mainly to the processing industry - deliveries are counted that affect the increase in the production of enterprises.
  • Cargoes that can be delivered to ports will affect trade even if they are mining resources.
  • When cities are located close to each other to deliver goods for a selected city, pay attention to the name of the station - it depends on this name to which city the deliveries will be assigned. Changing the station name will not change which city it will be assigned to.
  • Demands are not directly proportional to the size of the city, they are slightly progressive, i.e. they grow slightly more than the population.
  • A growth rate of over 600 days for a large city usually means that it may lose residents. You can stop a city depopulation by ensuring its proper delivery or depriving it of passenger transport.
Est-ce que tu parles français? Sprichst du Deutsch? а ты говоришь по русски? 한국어하세요 ...
The script contains several language versions. Currently they are: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Slovak and Spanish. They were made using the google translator, so almost certainly they have some errors. If you notice these errors or want to add another translation, I will gladly accept your help. I think is always better to play in your native language. :)
Below is a simple template to translate, but I would prefer a ready language.txt file, which is also in this file.

You can download this script also from online content in the game
(130 KiB) Downloaded 59 times
english - your native.txt
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I am sorry for may English. I know is bed.

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