How to make Ai?

Discuss the new AI features ("NoAI") introduced into OpenTTD 0.7, allowing you to implement custom AIs, and the new Game Scripts available in OpenTTD 1.2 and higher.

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How to make Ai?

Post by openttdfan2020 »

I really like those ais.
But i wanna make the ai just like them.
IDK how to make those, Can you help me guys?

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Re: How to make Ai?

Post by jfs »

Long story short:
1. Learn the Squirrel programming language
2. Learn the OpenTTD AI API
3. Look at existing AIs and available AI libraries for examples and bases to start from
4. Write some code

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Re: How to make Ai?

Post by Yexo »

The wiki has a few interesting pages for you:. Start with and

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