GS to reduce cargo quantities while growing payment rates ?

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GS to reduce cargo quantities while growing payment rates ?

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I like playing ancient ages with early vehicles such as horse or small steam trains.

After a few months/years I always have the same problem : whatever the NGRs combination I try, my industries starts to produce big quantities of goods (hundreds per month) while my trucks/trains can carry only a few.
=> As a result, my network is immediately flowed by thousands of trucks and trains and this isn't funny to play anymore.

I would prefer building big and complex networks accross the entire world, combining trains and trucks, but keep my network load realistic with only few trucks and trains.

So, my questions are :
- Does a GS exist that can reduce (like 1/10 the production of towns/cities), while growing the payment rates to balance the difficulty ?
- If no, is it possible to make a such script ?

I tried to read the "CashDrainGS" that looks like to change the payment rates, but I didn't understand where it was changing the payment rates...

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Re: GS to reduce cargo quantities while growing payment rates ?

Post by PikkaBird »

Not with GameScript, but you could do this fairly trivially with NewGRF.

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