cargo_ID for mail

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cargo_ID for mail

Post by superpumpie »


I am patching together my first AI, focusing on passengers and mail.

I saw that "num_passengers = AIStation.GetCargoWaiting(station, 0);" grabs the number of passengers of a station. But I cannot find the respective ID for mail. What am I missing here? ?( ?(


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Re: cargo_ID for mail

Post by xarick »

I do like this for my AI:

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/// getCargoId - Returns either mail cargo id, or passenger cargo id.
/// @param cargoClass - either AICargo.CC_MAIL, or AICargo.CC_PASSENGERS
/// @return - Cargo list.
function Utils::getCargoId(cargoClass) {
	local cargoList = AICargoList();

	local cargoId = null;
	for (cargoId = cargoList.Begin(); !cargoList.IsEnd(); cargoId = cargoList.Next()) {
		if (AICargo.HasCargoClass(cargoId, cargoClass)) {

	/* both AICargo.CC_MAIL and AICargo.CC_PASSENGERS should return the first available cargo */
	return cargoId;
Cargo_ID being 0 usually happens to be passengers by default, but it may not always be the case with some NewGRFs.

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num_passengers = AIStation.GetCargoWaiting(station, Utils.getCargoId(AICargo.CC_PASSENGERS));
num_mail = AIStation.GetCargoWaiting(station, Utils.getCargoId(AICargo.CC_MAIL));
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Re: cargo_ID for mail

Post by PikkaBird »

I have a similar approach to xarick, although my function searches by cargo label so I can find goods, food, or whatever (and I don't assume that MAIL is the only cargo in the mail class. ;)).

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function CivilAI::FindCargo(label) {

local clist = AICargoList();

 foreach (cargo, z in clist) {
 if (AICargo.GetCargoLabel(cargo) == label) {
 return cargo;
return null;
Then I can just FindCargo("MAIL"), or whichever cargo I'm looking for.

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