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 Post subject: LuDiAI AfterFix
PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:13 pm 
Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager

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LuDiAI AfterFix

LuDiAI AfterFix is an AI that builds road routes and air routes, transporting either mail or passengers.

It's an AI that is built upon the original work of lukin_'s LuDiAI. Initial work was on fixing issues found on the original, but it became something more of its own later on.

Main differences or improvements

- Adds two configuration settings: 'Road Support' and 'Can station spread'
- Randomizes most configuration settings when started as Random AI
- Builds more airport types
- Builds helicopters
- Sells old aircraft
- Is aware of cargo distribution setting
- Is aware of plane speed setting
- Is aware of aircraft max range
- Matches aircraft type with airport type
- Plans optimal distances between airports
- May build more than one aircraft per route at once
- Plans a maximum number of aircraft a route can support
- Attaches road stations to existing airports
- Removes unserviced road routes
- Is aware of articulated road vehicles' need of drivethrough stations
- Upgrades road bridges
- Retries construction of road stations instead of giving upon instantly
- Schedules removals of leftover road stations and depots on failure
- May also try to build road depots in the source or destination towns
- Loans and repays on-the-go

Configuration Settings

Town Cargo:
Choses which cargo the AI will handle. If the AI started as Random AI, the choice will be randomized on startup.

- Passengers:
The AI creates Passenger only routes via road and/or air.

- Mail:
The AI creates Mail only routes via road and/or air.

Cities only:
When enabled, the AI will only service City status towns. When disabled, it will service both cities and towns. If the AI started as Random AI, the choice will be randomized on startup.

Random picks:
When enabled, the AI choses the towns at random when creating a service. When disabled, the AI choses the most productive towns first. If the AI started as Random AI, the picking method will be randomized on startup.

Is friendly:
When enabled, the AI tries to avoid building its stations near stations of other companies. When disabled, it is allowed to do so. If the AI started as Random AI, the decision will be randomized on startup.

Air Support:
Enables or disables the usage of air routes.

Road Support:
Enables or disables the usage of road routes.

Can station spread:
When enabled, the AI expands its road stations by distantly joining new station pieces, to enlarge station coverage. It may also join road stations with airports and vice-versa whenever possible. If the AI started as Random AI, the decision will be randomized on startup.

Change log:

- OpenTTD and API requirements set to 1.4.0
- Upgrading road vehicles, engines and bridges was being denied once the AI had reached the maximum number of vehicles
- Allow road pathfinder to be interrupted and resumed without losing its current path finding progress, allowing the AI to manage other things in between, by up to 5 times
- Allow pathbuilder to retry construction when failing to build planned route roads
- Tweaked pathfinder internal cost values and how they're measured, which should result in more bridges and tunnels on difficult terrain, while being cost conscious at the same time when on a low budget
- Allow pathfinder to build bridges over rail and rivers in more occasions
- Prevent pathfinder to connect roads with level crossings in most situations
- Prevent blocking of road stations of other companies while constructing its own road stations
- Allow a few more cases where locations without adjacent roads could be suitable for constructing a road station

- There was still some cases where drive through road stations were not being built, resulting in vehicles with few orders
- Reduce number of stalls when managing too many road routes, when looking for suitable airport and road station locations
- Road vehicle engine model choice is no longer based only on maximum speed, but also on capacity, cargo payment, distance of route, days in transit and reliability

- When expanding a road station, the counting of articulated road vehicles could be incorrect in determining the need of a drivethrough station
- The build manager wasn't setting the articulated variable value at all
- When building or expanding a road station, there could be cases where the station wasn't being built at all, resulting in vehicles with few orders
- Disabled breakdowns were not being considered on estimating the viability of an aircraft engine

- Estimating air route costs could account an incorrect aircraft price
- Helicopter engine list could include invalid and unbuildable models
- Valuator for best aircraft income was using the wrong distance type
- Allow more towns to be searched for a suitable first airport
- Don't start road construction when there are no engines available
- Builds or expands routes with only drivethrough road stations if there's only articulated road vehicles
- Increased town's mail last month production lower limit
- Loosened the aircraft income estimator lower limit
- Lowered the bar for what's deemed profitable to an aircraft

- Uploaded to BaNaNaS

Formerly known as Samu

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