[GS] CityController v7

Discuss the new AI features ("NoAI") introduced into OpenTTD 0.7, allowing you to implement custom AIs, and the new Game Scripts available in OpenTTD 1.2 and higher.

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Re: [GS] CityController v7

Post by Brumi » 24 Nov 2017 11:04

I'm no expert at all, but I guess that it's compatibile with 1.7.1 if it was good with 1.6. Just try it and report any problems if you happen to encounter them :)

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Re: [GS] CityController v7

Post by Taurus » 18 Apr 2019 14:43

Dear All,
just one basic question: how do I check thresholds for unlocking next cargo, in the mode of few (unlocking) and normal (progressivity)?

Thanks is advance!

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