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Rythorn Airline AI

Posted: 06 Sep 2012 10:34
by Sevestra Rythorn
Hi, I've been working on an AI for about 6 hours now, and I decided to fork off of WrightAI and give it my twist. I also added customization for the numbers like how much cash minimum you need for the route or aircraft and also how fast the AI works. So if you want to download it and test it before I put it on BaNaNaS, please do.

Rythorn Airline AI by Sevestra Rythorn is a fork of WrightAI that adds some customization without changing too much of the underlying mechanics. It also contains code that picks a company name and company president from a list of characters from my work in progress book, The Chronicles of Rythorn. Said code was found on these forums in a thread by Asimov answered by Yexo and customized by me.

EDIT: AI is now on BaNaNaS.
EDIT 2: Version 3 update now available, changelog available in the tar.