ChooChoo, a train network AI

Discuss the new AI features ("NoAI") introduced into OpenTTD 0.7, allowing you to implement custom AIs, and the new Game Scripts available in OpenTTD 1.2 and higher.

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Re: ChooChoo, a train network AI

Post by xarick »

the index 'find' does not exist
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Re: ChooChoo, a train network AI

Post by Redirect Left »

I've also had this just now with find error, on a map with lots of AIs and me spectating them.
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Unfortunately the author has gone AFK for over 2 years at this point, so we might be on our own. Unless someone heree knows how to fix it, i've tried numerous times but i can't get the AI programming language down, it's very confusing and non-sensical to me, otherwise i'd have a good go at fixing numerous issues with lots of old AIs.
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Re: ChooChoo, a train network AI

Post by mando »

I was trying out some AIs, including ChooChoo and noticed it wasn't working. I fixed two breaking bugs:
  1. Updated road pathfinding library version from 3 to 4
  2. Checked that a returned vehicle name is not null before doing name.find("X")
    I have attached a patch, and a new updated tarball.
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