Formula One Manager Game - The 1998 season

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Formula One Manager Game - The 1998 season

Post by NoMorePacers »

Hello, and welcome to the first season of my Formula One Manager Game! The purpose of this is to provide a game that goes some length in simulating managing a team in Formula One, and being able to change the last 20 years of F1 history to your own version. You pick a team, then you sign drivers, designers, engine and tyre contracts and build your own chassis. You will then race across a 16-race calendar (subject to change in future seasons), earn prize money for your results, upgrade your car and rejoice at your success/despair at your failure. After the end of the season, we move on to the next season and the process repeats itself. I will go through the rules for each section as we go along.

So, basically, pick an F1 team from the list of available teams, make a car, sign drivers and hope for the best.

I will be starting in 1998 for a number of reasons:

- It's the 20th anniversary of the season this year.

- There were major regulation changes for that year, so there is a more 'fresh' start.

- It is far enough in the past to be able to change history, but not so far back that it takes a hugely long time to reach the present/future.

I will be simulating it using Grand Prix 2. I am using this because I have past experience of running racing series on other forums, so I know what I am doing. Also, this forum was set up to celebrate and discuss a game released in 1994. It seems slightly fitting to also use a game from 1994 to run this. I will be running each race individually, and posting it up on the forum.

The points system will be as in real life: 10-6-4-3-2-1 for the Top 6 finishers in every race.

I have set out a list of teams, assigned into groups of difficulty level; the teams that are at the top have higher budgets and require less work, the teams at the bottom have lower budgets and require more work. So here's the list:

Easy - all these teams have a starting budget of £200m. They are established frontrunners, and are generally the easiest to run.
Winfield Williams
Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
Mild Seven Benetton
West McLaren

Intermediate - all these teams have a starting budget of £175m. They are at the top end of the midfield, and are good enough to every now and then get good results, but are mostly in the middle of the pack.
Benson & Hedges Jordan
Gauloises Prost
Red Bull Sauber Petronas

Hard - all these teams have a starting budget of £150m. They are in the lower midfield; they can occasionally get points and good results, but generally are towards the back of the pack.
Danka Zepter Arrows
HSBC Stewart

Very Hard - All these teams have a budget of £100m. They are the backmarkers; they stay at the back of the field, and only score points in freak results or races of high attrition, providing they even score at all.
PIAA Tyrrell
Fondmetal Minardi Team

The way teams will be assigned is this:

You express your interest in up to 3 teams (it can be less if you want), in order of preference (1st, 2nd and 3rd choices). Then, once there is a reasonable number of applicants, each will be given a number, and I will randomly assign each team to each user. Those who miss out on a team will go onto the top of a waiting list; they will get a team when a new team joins, or if an existing team manager decides to pull out, or misses the deadline of signing up.

So, for now, just express your interest in whatever team(s) you want, and we will go from there!

Data Sheet (to be used later)
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