The next station is...

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The next station is...

Post by NoMorePacers »

A little idea for a quiz. It's called:

The next station is...

Aim of the game: To get as many points as possible by accumulating stops on a journey and reaching the end of a line.

1. How to play

At the start of a game, the OP(at the very beginning or if necessary) or the player who previously ended a leg of the journey, will choose a starting station (unless the player has called an open floor, in which any player can choose a starting station) that adheres to the following criteria:

It can be on any railway lines in the UK (that includes LU, metro and tram stops, and even closed stations)
It is not just a terminal station (There are two or more different stations that can be reached from it, on separate lines.)
It is not the same station as the one which ended the previous leg.

Once a starting station has been selected, players can take turns at moving to following stations. The next station on a passenger line that serves the starting station is entirely valid, as is travelling in any direction if there are one or more junctions nearby. If the station is served by a faster service along any passenger line, it is valid provided that you quote the operator and route. A route name should not be specified, but the nearest passenger stations to the start and end of the route should be specified in brackets (These do not need to be submissions to the quiz).

These routes and services must be on the timetable at the time of posting.

Temporary disruptions, such as landslips or flooding, should be ignored unless the disruption period exceeds one month.

In the event of long-term engineering works, these should be ignored unless they span a timetable period and are noted in the National Rail Timetable. Station closures less than a month long should also be ignored.

When submitting a station, you must use the full station name. All entries on this quiz must be in the English version of the station name, as those in the Welsh or Scottish Gallic spelling can be confusing to other contestants, who may not know where a correct answer has been given. If there is only one name, officially recognised by National Rail Enquiries, then this should be used. All entries should be easily distinguishable from any other text to avoid confusion, by either bold typeface or leaving an empty line either side.

Any stations which are pick-up or set-down only count as normal stops to avoid confusion.

2. You cannot use any freight lines, but you can use any line that has a passenger service at least weekly (not every 3rd Monday etc). Fast services are allowed, subject to rule 4.

3. Connections can only be made at the same station, no walking or other transport connections are permitted.

(N.B No ferry service to enable travel to and from the Isle of Wight that will link stations on the Island Line to an ongoing onwards journey either to or from the mainland is allowed, as per the above!)

4. You cannot double-back, that is if you use a station that has already been used.

5a. When a player reaches the station at the end of a line, or if there are no more valid routes out of the station because of rule 4, the amount of stations called at on the journey will be added to their name in a table to be produced monthly. These are points. The player at the station then chooses the next starting station, although they cannot play until 3 other correct submissions have been received or 15 minutes have elapsed, whichever is sooner.

5b. A "leg" is the journey from a starting station to when an end station is reached.

6a. End of the Line: When at the 3rd station from an end point, if the 2nd station is not posted within 3 hours, then 20 points are taken from the leg total.
If no posts are received over 6 hours, another 20 points are taken from the leg total. This ruling will not apply in the time period of 0001 and 0900 inclusive.

e.g. We are at Bayford. We have already used Stevenage and so the end point is Watton-at-Stone. If Hertford North is not posted within 3 hours, 20 points are deducted from the leg total.

b. It is not possible to have negative points, so if this occurs the value will default to zero.


Parliamentary Plus: An extra 5 points per parliamentary service. These are awarded to the winner of the leg.

A long wait... An extra 2 points for using a route where there are less than 3 trains a day. These are awarded to the winner of the leg.


If a submission to the quiz is incorrect, but there have been no further posts, the author may edit their post, so long as the original is shown as crossed out. After striking through an incorrect entry, you must use reply rather than edit to post your new entry. This aims to prevent confusion to allow for smooth proceedings.

If there have been further posts, either of two circumstances should occur;
i) The author states their position, thus making any posts after the original superfluous. The original incorrect answer should be crossed out. The game is then continued by a different individual, starting from the station before the incorrect submission.
ii) Another individual states their suspicion, which is then confirmed by another player. Anyone is then welcome to continue the game, again starting from the station before the incorrect submission. Again, the incorrect answer should be crossed out.

If you are unable to cross the answer out, due to reasons beyond your control, you should only edit to a statement giving an acceptable reason. You should not make another posting until another person has posted.

If the post is edited, then it will be assumed that the entry has been changed, unless a clear reason is posted in the reason box.

9. Any entry that has been edited or deleted without good reason will lose 25 points from that leg.

Duplicate posts (Castle Cary...and Castle Cary) are not affected by this rule.

If a submission has been posted by an author, which was seen as incorrect and crossed out having been superseded by an earlier post, but was then discovered to be correct, will make all submissions following it superfluous. The game shall restart from the submission which superseded the submission.

10. Once a leg has been completed and the first post of a new leg started, the previous leg cannot be edited, under any circumstances.

However, if it is found that there was a valid move possible from the 'winning' station after a new leg has started, no points will be scored for that leg.

Temporary Line Closures/amendments:

During the present period, the following lines are deemed closed and therefore cannot represent a valid move.
Oxford to Oxford Parkway : closed until summer 2016
Dover Priory to Folkestone Central : closed until further notice
Carlisle to Appleby : closed until further notice
Glasgow Queen Street to Ashfield: closed until 7th August 2016
Further Info
Moorfields station will be refurbished 2015-16:
closed to northbound services (to Sandhillls from Hunts Cross) until August 2016

This game is all about skill, routeing, and stopping other players from reaching the end of any lines!

We shall start at Clapham Junction, lots of variety here.
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