Game: Guess the train

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Re: Game: Guess the train

Post by Awesometrains »

Flavius wrote:Country: United Kingdom (1 point) S-Transport

Class: E2 (1 point)
1st or 2nd Generation: 1st Series (1 point)
What 2 fictional characters are based off this Locomotive: 1.Thomas the Tank Engine 2. .............? ( 1 point!?)
Designer: L. B. Billinton (3 points)2
Who turned this into a fictional character: Reginald Payne (1 point)
Purpose: Heavy Shunting and short distance freight trains (1 point)
What Locomotive replaced these: British Rail Class 07 Diesel (2 points)
Fictional character based on locomotive that replaced these: Salty the Dockyard Diesel (1 point)
Are all these fictional characters friends?: Yes (3 points)
You win if you tell me the Final Question!!!

Is Thomas The Tank Engine based off of the 1st Series or 2nd Series E2?

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Re: Game: Guess the train

Post by acs121 »


You can either give the series name or the nickname.
It's a french train, for info ;)

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