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[OTTD] Lemuria’s Heightmaps For Mobile!

Posted: 14 Nov 2020 07:27
by Lemuria
Lemuria’s Heightmaps
512x512 and 1024x1024 Heightmaps for Mobile and Low End PCs

Welcome to my heightmap emporium, please take a look at our fine selection of heightmaps...

Hello, I just registered my account on these forums! I want to share with you guys my very first heightmap, End of the Pinkleaf River. This scenario was randomly generated by OpenTTD, I modified it a ton, enhanced the river, and yeah.

512x512, enjoy.

Sorry for the gibberish file name, I’m on mobile.

All Lemurian heightmaps are prefixed with LH.


LH - <Heightmap name goes here>

First heightmap
End of the Pinkleaf River
512 x 512

On Bananas: "LH - End of the Pinkleaf River"

Re: [OTTD|Hmap] End of the Pinkleaf River

Posted: 16 Nov 2020 08:07
by kamnet
This is nice. I'd suggest a height level below 100 if you're playing with a patch pack for a more hilly feel, larger than that and the river banks start looking too steep.

Re: [OTTD] Lemuria’s Heightmaps For Mobile!

Posted: 22 Nov 2020 14:03
by Lemuria
Arcadia Islands

The Arcadia Islands are an island chain of 3-4 islands, with smooth hills. Perfect for bus company games or shipping in general.

Recommended mapgen settings:
  • Ammount of towns: Custom (15)
  • Industries: Very Low
Bananas name:
  • LH - Arcadia Islands
Status: Available

Reminder: Gibberish file name because I’m on mobile.

Heightmap below
7EF69DA9-259E-47DB-9CCA-BAEF97AD0FD3.png (4.58 KiB) Viewed 334 times