[OTTD] Scenario Colorado

Post your custom scenarios here. Saved games also welcome. All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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[OTTD] Scenario Colorado

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I've created a scenario for Colorado.

With NewGRFs (has trams and electric trains, but won't work if you haven't downloaded the necessary NewGRFs, see below):
(101.81 KiB) Downloaded 104 times
Without NewGRFs (will always work, but has no trams or electric trains):
(100.97 KiB) Downloaded 103 times
  • Size: 256x256
  • Climate: Sub-tropical
  • Towns: 46 (9 cities)
  • Industries: 52
  • Starting year: 1950
  • NewGRFs: Optional, see below
I've made two versions, one with no NewGRFs and one with NewGRFs to be able to use trams and electric trains. These are the NewGRFs used in the version with NewGRFs: The first one is for using trams and the three others are for using electric trains.

If you don't want NewGRFs there is also a version without NewGRFs. If you're interested but don't know how to download NewGRFs, see https://wiki.openttd.org/NewGRF.

46 towns are represented, of which 9 are cities and 13 have a population of more than 100 at the beginning of the game. The towns with a population of more than 100 each start the game with approximately 1/200 of their real population in 2020.

The layouts of the towns have nothing to do with their real layout, but is adjusted so that the population of the town in the game is proportional to their real population.

I've tried to place the industries as realistically as possible while still having at least one of each type of industry available. As far as I know, there are no rubber plantations in Colorado in real life, but there is still one in the scenario to make the game more fun. All other industries are more or less where they would be in real life. None of the industries have exact real life equivalents.

All desert towns have water towers, so you don't need to worry about towns not being able to grow because they don't accept water.

Most of Eastern Colorado is a flat desert, and the Rocky Mountains are represented in the West.

Unfortunately the trees in the OpenTTD subtropical climate aren't the kinds of trees that exist in the mountains Colorado, so the trees that I placed in the mountains aren't the kinds of trees that are there in real life.

Six rivers are represented: Platte River, Clear Creek, Arkansas River, Arikaree River, Colorado River and Gunnison River.

The whole map:

Zoomed in on the Denver area:
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