[OTTD] Iceworld

Post your custom scenarios here. Saved games also welcome. All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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[OTTD] Iceworld

Post by Fuerfrost »

It's been an entire generation since the Big Freeze. As far as you can tell, the whole world is covered in miles of solid ice, excluding the peaks of a few select mountains. Tiny refuges of civilization exist, tucked away in the few holes that still block the wind just enough to keep you from freezing to death while you sleep.

Your people are slowly dying. Can you lead them into a brighter future?



While this appears to be a fairly simple and straightforward map, success here should be classified among those few scenarios that are truly difficult. The deep glacial snow makes expansion for any transportation networks or city growth prohibitively expensive, inherent distance between any two points makes speedy deliveries vital, and very limited resources on the glacier makes everything harder by lack of volume.

Good luck.

The all-important download link:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z4H4e ... YAlTgru2vK

Required Newgrf:
[+] Spoiler
  • NUTS Unrealistic Train Set 0.8.4
  • CHIPS Station Set 1.9.0
  • FIRS and CHIPS style objects - v0.1.10
  • Original vehicles cargo set
  • CHIPS Custom Docks v1.0
  • Wasteland Town Names
  • Wasteland 0.4.0
  • Ore Unloader Station 0.1
  • ISR-style Dock V1.4
  • ISR/DWE-style Objects v1.1
  • ISR Rail & Road Depots v0.2
  • Industrial Stations Renewal 1.0.2
  • Romazoon Object Set
  • Total Bridge Renewal Set Version 1.2
  • Town Walls Objects v0.1
  • SNO - Supercheese's NewObjects
  • VAST (Objects) 0.3.0
  • Farm Objects
  • Fake Airport Objects v0.1
  • Generic Skyscraper Objects Set 0.1
  • City Objects
  • Czech Road Set 1.0
  • CZTR Bridge Set
  • CZTR Effects 1.0.0
  • CZTR Rail Addons 1.0.2
  • CZTR Road set 2.0.0
  • CZTR stations
  • CZTR Tree set 2.0.1
  • CHIPS Industrial Renewal style objects - v0.1
  • Beach Objects v1.2
  • AuzRoadAndTownObjects
  • AuzRailObjects

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!
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Re: [OTTD] Iceworld

Post by odisseus »

Can you make this scenario available in the in-game downloader?

By the way, does a map that's literally barren actually need that many GRFs?
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