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[OTTD] new fallout scenario

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 13:37
by sadaurkar
hello everyone,

introducing a brand new fallout scenario for OTTD! explore locations from the entire fallout franchise, even fallout 76. try and see if you can bring peace and prosperity back to post-apocalyptic america. unfortunately i couldn't add any faction conflicts or rival transport companies due to engine limitations, but it should be fun to play nonetheless!

i made this scenario almost eight months ago but only just got around to publishing it :D it's not entirely complete in the middle of the map because most locations there are entirely speculation.


download here or on bananas:
Fallout Scenario.scn
(491.81 KiB) Downloaded 114 times
thanks to agentw4b, who had made the first fallout scenario for OTTD and inspired me to make my own version.

to play this you need Wasteland 0.4.0
NewGRF: Wasteland viewtopic.php?f=26&t=70448


Re: [OTTD] new fallout scenario

Posted: 06 Dec 2019 04:36
by kamnet
This looks great!

Re: [OTTD] new fallout scenario

Posted: 16 Dec 2019 06:56
by agentw4b
Hello !
When I created my version of Fallout, I never played Fallout 3 or more. Therefore, my version does not contain many cities from these games.