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Uniterrain newGRF for scn may be?

Posted: 10 Aug 2019 19:05
by Olim
I tried scenerio editor, and, it is good!! Not enough butt. 1-irst that if you trie to make realy BIG map, and, no heigth map or randomizer, then you are in BIG popa. Foremost, you wont to make some hills? You must click, click, click, click, click, and, click!!!! If you enough old to remember not bad huh game "Warsraft 2 Tide or Boiling", than you may be remembering its perfect map editor. Where (on Pentium 5 of corse!) uoy could just one click mouse once, and, move it on map to make line of brash squires. If you selected squre 5*5 you get mass of 5*5 squares of wood, lumber, trees, rosks or, even sea! Grass, dirt, et c. In openTTD, situation bad. You may clisk or not, but you must if you want. Even more: wen you lover edges of map to criate sea, then you make 10000 clicks, ang, go to watercloset, dishwashing, handjob, iron your cat, go to date with girl or boy friend, and, after all of it you may go to comp, and, see that sea flooded about half of lovered circumstance. If you press fasten, then you can no iron your cat. 2-cond bad it that that you must lose squrt(2) or somsung like that if you wont definite nort at up, or you shuold select left upper or right upper as nort.

What about tihs tedious? I just wonted to make my own map of polgariad bu great writer Devid Endings. I played in Civilisation 3, and, it was fun!
Despite, i need snow and desert and midle climat to make. May be anybody already did.
4-ur terrains already exits, may be candyland is best for such fantasu book map, howewer though snow and sand must be. Becouse in that books were snows at mauntains and nort countries. And, of course, plcea of dreadful Ktucik is on mauntain in desert.
(Truli it's false i wanted to write my personal fantasy book about kommunism, and, bogeys. Seas of blood mounts of corps. Poor fairi tail creatures fleas in terror. I need the map of Хребтовск и Захребетье.)


Re: Uniterrain newGRF for scn may be?

Posted: 10 Aug 2019 19:28
by kamnet
If Civilization will allow you to export a heightmap to a common graphics format (PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, etc.) then you can import that into OpenTTD as a PNG or TIFF image.

Re: Uniterrain newGRF for scn may be?

Posted: 10 Aug 2019 20:16
by Olim
Sorri gays i fatally failed. ;( Turns out that you can lower lands cape on level you want then aling it at any size you want. I forgot it. Owful.

But if i want terrain from Murmansk to Taskent (speculatively, tahnk gugel.transleit), i need talk about universal terrain GRF aniway.