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A Crude Earth Scenario

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 03:50
by gregcarlin
I decided to take a crack at building my own (approximate) 4096x2048 world scenario. I figured I'd post it if anyone else is interested. It contains 257 towns, 400+ industries, and a few rivers. Landscape is sub-arctic because that's my favorite. There are no NewGRFs included so you can add whichever you'd like on top. The starting year is 1920 but don't feel bad about changing that, just another personal preference. It's available on BaNaNaS as "Crude Earth" and was built on top of "The World" V2 heightmap (not mine), also on BaNaNaS. Screenshots are below:

Entire World (Minimap)

Populous China

Nile River

Northeastern U.S.


Amazon River

Japan and the Koreas

A few more notes:
  • Most populations and cities were taken from Wikipedia's list of largest cities. I used government-designed area when available. The in-game population is approximately 1/2000th of the real population.
  • A few cities on densely populated islands (eg. Taiwan) had to be left out.
  • A few others had be relocated slightly.
  • I placed a limited amount of trees around the world. It may seem bare when you first start, but I'm sure it'll fill up as you play.
  • Industries were placed semi-randomly. I tried to add extra industries to areas that specialized in such industry in real life (eg. oil in the middle east) but I wouldn't expect a lot of accuracy here.
Let me know what you think and if you'd like me to add or adjust anything in particular!

Re: A Crude Earth Scenario

Posted: 04 May 2019 17:50
by WorldTTD
I can't find the "download" button.
How/Where can I download it?

PS: If you can speak german, answer me in german.


Re: A Crude Earth Scenario

Posted: 04 May 2019 20:33
by gregcarlin
Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately I don't know German, but this scenario, like many, are available through OpenTTD's online content management system. In the game you can select "Check Online Content" and search for it - "Crude Earth". Let me know if you have questions :)