(Scenario) Ireland 1930 (v1.00)

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(Scenario) Ireland 1930 (v1.00)

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Ireland 1930
By : Nekomaster

Download at bottom of post!

Also available on BaNaNaS/Online Content Downloader!

I decide to try my hand at making a scenario based on Ireland.

I know its not 100% accurate, but I tried my best.
I mostly used google maps and wikipedia for locations of towns and some industry.
Local industries where based on industrial area's I saw on Google Earth around towns.

I've also added "connections" to North America, The United Kingdom, and Europe at
the corners to provide more ways for ship fans to float cargo around!
(Industries are loosely based on what each region imports/exports from around the world)

Enjoy the scenario!

Here's some screen shots!

Dublin area (East Coast)

Belfast area (North-East Coast)

Cork area (South Coast)

Athlone, Galway, and Limrick area (West Coast)
Ireland - 1930 - 1.6.1 (Beta Version).scn
Ireland 1930 for OpenTTD 1.6.1
(version 1.00)
(1003.16 KiB) Downloaded 264 times
Image Proud Canadian Image
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