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Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (13 maps, including Warhammer, Scotland, Italy, Middle Earth and Tamriel)

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 21:40
by Balsiefen
Hullo folks, I've been making a few scenarios for OpenTTD and I thought I'd create this thread as a directory as well as for any comments/suggestions/requests for future scenarios. :D
The images are a little large so I've linked them as URLs

Scotland 1930

A 512*512 map of Scotland in 1930
-Accurate relative population sizes for all towns above 250.
-Accurate industry placement
-NewGRF's for British Transport

Image ... guah3u.png


A very detailed heightmap-based scenario covering the entire continent of Tamriel from Summerset Isle to Vvardenfell and Solstheim. Towns and roads have been placed as accurately as possible and I have varied the terrain and tree types to hopefully give forests in different regions a different feel from each other.

-1024x1024 Temperate Climate
-Starting year 1935
-Uses FIRS Industries and complimentary non-default vehicle sets.

Image ... ila19j.png ... f5r7m0.png ... ldavap.png ... zk5vkz.png ... i4mcxt.png


A mountainous Nordic coastline of fjords, glaciers, rivers and islands. Built by hand to give realistic terrain. Towns and industries placed to give interesting gameplay and should encourage a mix of all four transport types.

-512x512 Sub-Arctic Climate
-Starting year 1945
-Uses FIRS Industries and complimentary non-default vehicle sets.

Image ... ibd18y.png ... ehrf8m.png ... zidui1.png

Lammas Day Islands

A maritime map with a south pacific theme. An archipelago of tropical islands and atolls lying off a desert coastline. Good for sea and air routes with the coastline and largest islands suitable for rail networks.

Uses FIRS Industrial replacement set and transport replacement newgrfs (Aviators aircraft, FISH, eGRVTS, 2cc Trains)

Image ... ff3gal.png ... w4mlbl.png

East Africa 1945

Set in 1945, as European colonialism starts to wind down, the map covers east Africa between Khartoum and Dar es Salaam as well as the Gulf of Aden - Modern day Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen and South Sudan. Terrain is taken from heightmap; Industries and cities are placed accurately with period names.

Uses FIRS industry replacement set and vehicle replacement sets including the Tropic refurbishment set, FISH, eGRVTS, city tram set and Aviators Aircraft.

Image ... gfq3m5.png ... nlgakp.png ... reglli.png ... a1stmh.png

Middle Earth

Big 'ol Scenario of Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings). From the Haradwaith to the Forodwaith; from Lindon to Dorwinion. Places are lore-friendly as far as possible with some extras taken from MERP and other semi-canon sources. I've tried to keep towns to a manageable size and industries placement should give interesting gameplay.

Uses FIRS industry and complimentary station and vehicle sets.

Image ... vs5wvb.png ... ugnwvq.png ... db1brp.png ... ni2lxl.png


Large 1024x1024 fictional map with a Roman-British theme. Centres on a large bay with a narrow inlet, surrounded by large planes bordered by mountain ranges.
Uses FIRS industry set and complementary vehicle sets including UKRS2, eGRVTS and FISH.

Image ... wdsm3v.png ... x6dalk.png ... i3vzbw.png ... i3sytn.png

Setania and Sothery

Smallish 512x512 map set in a fictional county in northwest England. Uses a simpler version of the FIRS industry set.

Image ... mdbdyb.png ... dikpyr.png

Italy 1946

1024x1024 Map of post-war Italy and the surrounding regions. Populations and industry placement roughly accurate.

Uses FIRS and a variety of complimentary vehicle sets.

Image ... xxxzjr.png ... t4ehcw.png ... bpxly0.png

Warhammer Old World

Lore-Accurate map of the Warhammer Old World. Covers from Norsca to Araby and Albion to the Worlds Edge Mountains with quite a bit of detailing. Industries should hopefully be in sensible places too.

Uses FIRS industries and compatible vehicle sets.

Image ... uv1vb2.png ... tpdiuh.png ... ap1tnf.png ... bwac7d.png ... fyz5wf.png ... kf7obd.png

Northern Antipodea

Australia-like tropical map with a fertile coastal plain seperated from a mountainous but resource-rich desert. Uses simplified FIRS industry and compatible vehicle sets.

Image ... mcwtbe.png

Commonwealth of Jacobia

Fictional East Coast US state using the North American Industry Set and complimentry vehicle sets. Has versions for both 1899 and 1960 start dates.

Image ... kjdfjk.png ... yusnyf.png

Sundhelm Strait

Fictional scenario consisting of large bays, coastal plains and several mountain ranges divided between Anglic and Gaelic-inspired cultures.

Uses FIRS industries and complimentry vehicle sets. Towns and Industries are balanced so that they should be fun and not too frustrating to connect and get the whole map working.

Image ... dtvrqg.png ... npnfj0.png ... m2hpo7.png

Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (Scotland, Tamriel, Haraldsland)

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 21:51
by Dave
Great effort on the Scotland

Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (Scotland, Tamriel, Haraldsland)

Posted: 28 Mar 2017 11:59
by Balsiefen
Been a while since I updated this. Added two new scenarios: Lammas Day Islands and East Africa 1945. I've got a couple more somewhere that I've not uploaded to BaNaNas yet. I'll add them as I find them.

Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (Scotland, Tamriel, Haraldsland, LammasDay, East Africa)

Posted: 18 Nov 2018 18:22
by Balsiefen
Welp, It seems to be about once a year I get around to doing this. 4 new maps: two originals, one of Middle Earth and one of Italy (which I made yonks ago). I would have had a big map of Mars too but something seems to be wrong with the newgrfs in the file.

Also maybe a Warhammer map could be in the works. I got hold of a nice heightmap recently.

Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (9 maps, including Scotland, Italy, Middle Earth and Tamriel)

Posted: 01 Nov 2019 17:33
by Balsiefen
Yearly new maps are in. Warhammer (favourite so far I think) and three fictional maps: Antipodea (pseudo-australian), Jacobia (pseudo-american) and Sundhelm (pseudo-british)


Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (13 maps, including Warhammer, Scotland, Italy, Middle Earth and Tamriel)

Posted: 04 Nov 2019 15:07
by Argus
Why still FIRS from prehistoric times? :oops: :wink:

Re: Balsiefen's OTTD Scenarios (13 maps, including Warhammer, Scotland, Italy, Middle Earth and Tamriel)

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 15:14
by Balsiefen
Hah! Probably because I haven't updated my mod set in ages. :P What's changed with it?