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Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 01:46
by GarryG
Hi all, well I got the parcel and goods service working between towns. But not sure about the buildings. Smaller towns the Goods and Parcels service was provided by the one small building. Towns a bit bigger had separate parcels office and goods shed, and the larger towns had a large goods shed (some called in a freight centre) and a parcels office separate.

Parcel office normally was part of the station while the goods shed was usually away from the station it self.

The 2CC Set has several types of wagons that carry parcels and goods. A freight train with a variety of different types of wagons looks really good.

I've attached a pic of double header 48 class locos with a goods train with a mixed variety of wagons from the 2CC Set. To the bottom right can see my first idea of a Goods and Parcels Shed.

Any suggests if I just have the Goods and Parcels like in the pic, or make the game play a bit more realistic and have a separate Parcel Office and goods sheds as well as a combined one. A spate Goods shed will have the privilege of accepting goods, building supplies and one other cargo and could produce the goods and maybe Farm Supplies.

Feed back please.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 03:29
by Emperor Jake
Looking interesting! The train looks great and the buildings are fine. They would look better if they could blend in better with their surroundings, for example using similar ground tiles can really bring it together.

Also don't use .jpg for screenshots, as you can see it becomes really blurry and washed out. Jpg is only good for photographs, use png instead for perfectly clear screenshots.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 06:35
by GarryG
Here's a copy of the sprits for the Parcel Office, Good Shed, Freight Depot, Grain Storage and Livestock Yards.

Just a few touch ups to do and hope ready very soon.

Got some Christmas lights flashing on the freight at the Freight Depot and want to remove the fence from silos, apart from that and a test or 2 more it just about ready.

One thing I have discovered no matter how many times the person who makes a program tests it they can often miss some problems.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 08:03
by GarryG
Well .. AUZIND V2 is ready. I fixed all the bugs I found and left those I couldn't find.

Those of you remember the days when had Mail Trains .. behind the engine was a string of freight wagons, then passenger carriages, then the mail, and sometimes more freight wagons behind the mail. Well you can relive that is this Industry set. It has Parcels Office (handles only parcels), small Goods shed (handles goods and parcels) and a larger Freight Depot (handles goods and other freight items but no parcels). If you use 2CC Train Set you can have a mixed freight train running between towns with goods or parcels with different types of wagons. There most likely be other sets that will do the same. I've tested the road sets, Road Hog and Polroad and WAS Airlines and they all will carry parcels.

Any comments please let me know either by leaving a comment on the forums or obtain my email address in the readme file.

I going to go play .. cheers

NO I wrong .. found the Clay Pitt missing and a few other bugs .. will fix soon and try again.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 16 Sep 2015 14:15
by GarryG
At last I think I got the Australian Industry Set "Auzind V2.1" working.

Not knowing much about the coding made it difficult for me to find errors.

3iff who made the SPI Industrial set helped me often. Just hope I found them all.

In the readme file I put my email address at the bottom for anyone who might find a problem or suggestions can send me a message that way if they are not a member of this forum.

As mentioned before I been designing this set to be more Australiana .. and to use it in the scenario I been trying a long time to finish.

Hope you like the idea of this set.

UPDATE: Sorry fellas I not sure if Cotton Farm Graphics is wrong with what been downloaded or it a conflict with something else I using with this set, so I removed the cotton farm for now with this one.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 23 Sep 2015 04:07
by GarryG
As some of you might have guessed I'm train buff. Love anything to do with them. Been talking to some of my friends, they like V2 of Auzind but suggested I get rid of some of the farms and introduce small industries to represent Railway Sidings.

In version 2 already have the livestock yard and Grain Storage and they act a lot like a farm. In next version thinking of adding what you would have found at railway stations and sidings many many years ago. Things like Goods Siding, Wool Dumps, Cream Sheds (milk), Fruit Packing Sheds, Timber Sidings (sidings where they would load wood from the forest and be railed to Sawmills or there be a Sawmill a distance from the rail siding and the processed timber would be railed from here to Furniture factory, builder yards etc..

Like to make the small industry of 1 or 2 tiles in size to represent these sidings, and act a lot like a farm, just have a different name.

Trains never waited for a full load at a siding, just pick up what's available and proceed to the next siding and pick up more cargo and so on down the line till reaches a destination that requires some of this cargo.

What do you think of this idea?

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 25 Sep 2015 08:51
by GarryG
Version 3 of AUZIND. Subsidy of FIRS 1.4.3 and SPI 1.1.

See previous entry above for some of the changers.

I am not releasing it on Bananas at the moment.

I've designed this Auzind to go with the scenarios I making. Testing it as I build to make sure I got the cargo distribution right.

Love if any one out there like to test it over the weekend for me and report if good or bad so I can patch it if need before releasing it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 01 Oct 2015 04:27
by GarryG
I'm still working on my scenario and Industry set .. could be a few weeks yet before finished.

Been looking at idea of industries to act like railway stations and sidings. Thanks to the makers of FIRS and Industrial Stations Renewal (ISR) v1.0.2 I been fiddling with their graphics to create my industries.

Hardest part is Industries only accept 3 cargoes and produce only 2 cargos. Railway stations in general accepted and dispatched a large variety of freight. So I come up with the idea making more then one industry and allow them to be joined to look like only one.

Hence the pic I've included. It has the Goods Shed which accepts Building Material, Food and Timber and produces Farm Supplies and Goods. The Wool dump accepts Goods and produces Wool and Cotton (Fibre Crop).

Whether I have these cargos correct yet not sure till I test a few more times. (Any suggestions appreciated).

This is good for those who make their own scenarios as can place industries together. But random generated maps it be a different story as I don't know how or if can program it so they join together.

UPDATE: Here's a update to the Goods Shed and Wool Dump Graphics. I also had a go making a Open Cut Coal Mine using FIRS Clay pit from version 1.4.3.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 02:38
by GarryG
I had a few tests of what I've completed so far with Scenario and Auzind Industry set.

The scenario is very hard to play if using the industry sets from FIRS and SPI. There are over 40 coal mines in the Newcastle area in the 1930s. Trying to supply these with Supplies as per FIRS or Passengers as per SPI to increase production is almost impossible as many of these coal mines was many miles from town.

I intend to change things in Auzind V3 so that it not a demand to deliver cargo to the mines, it just an extra for the fun of the game. I change the accepting cargos too. The mines can accept timber - used to support the roof in the mines to prevent cave ins, and Clay Pit, Quarry and Open Cut Coal Mines accept Petrol - to operate the vehicles and machinery.

The idea when I finish the scenario is try and provide trains to all these mines and deliver the coal (and ore) to Port Waratah for the BHP Steel works and for exporting at the Port. Since there was no Iron Ore Mines in Newcastle area (the Ore came from out west around Cobar and Broken Hill), So I intend to make some of the coal mines as Iron Ore Mines.

List of Industries I have so far (which might change): Abattoirs, Agriculture farm, Arable Farm, Brewery, Brick Works, *Builders Yard, Bulk Terminal A, Bulk Terminal B, Cement Plant, Clay Pit, Coal Mine, Cream Shed, Dairy, Dairy Farm, *Fertilizer Plant, Fishing Harbour, Flour Mill, Food Processing Plant, Forest, Forestry Siding, Fruit Packing Sheds. Fruit Plantation, Fuel Depot, Furniture Factory, *Glass Works, Goods Shed A, Goods Shed B, Grain Silos, Grocer's Shop, Hotel, Iron Ore Mine, Iron Works, Lime Kiln, Loading Bank, Lumber Mill, Machine Shop, *Markets, Metal Fabrication Plant, Metal Workshops, Mixed Farm, Oil Refinery, Oil Rig, *Oil Wells, Open Cut Coal Mine, Paper Mill, Parcels Office, Port, Quarry, Sawmill, Sheep Farm, *Smithy Forge, Steel Mill, Stock Races, *Sugar Plantation, *Sugar Refinery, Textile Mill, Winery.

Those marked with a "*" I thinking about removing.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 12 Oct 2015 23:52
by GarryG
Update to where I up to.

All the towns are in for the scenario. I have included every railway station and sidings that where in use in the 1930s on the following lines:
Hornsby to Newcastle, Newcastle to Maitland, South Maitland Railways to Cessnock and all the coal mines in that area that I could find information on, Maitland to Taree, Maitland to Werris Creek, Merriwa Branch, Morpeth Branch, Belmont Line, Toronto Branch.

There is room to expand beyond Werris Creek and Taree, and also the Wallsend and Glebe Coal line, but this I will add another time. I will finish the lines mentioned and it operational. Will add the others later. You will be able to edit the scenario if you want to add other towns yourself.

In next few days will be adding the Industries and I hoping if all goes well it be ready by the weekend. I take so long as the disability I have prevents me editing the game for long periods. Can only do a bit at a time before need breaks.


Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 23:58
by GarryG
Well guys and gals, I basically finished the scenario I been building for yonks.

It is based from Newcastle and the some of the Northern Region of New South Wales, Australia.

It is a large 4096 by 2048 map and I used OpenTTD 1.5.2 to create it. Not all the map has towns and industries, just that a 2048 by 2048 was a bit small for what I wanted. Plenty of room for those who wish to load this it their scenario editor and add more towns and industries and pretty it up more if the wish.

The game did have the railway lines in, which I used to design the towns around it, then I bulldozed them all for those who like to play a game from scratch. However the NSW Government been very generous and donated money to help me build this scenario and there is still over $9 million remaining.

The game isn't really designed to make money, but just to enjoy trying to control your trains.

The file includes a Scenario starting in 1930 and also Auzind_V3 Industry Set.

Auzind_V3 is a child to SPI 1.1 and grand-child to FIRS 1.4.3.

I know I thank these people before, but they deserve to be thanked again.

Andythenorth, FooBar, planetmaker, Terkhen and Yexo, and many others who designed the FIRS Industry sets.
3iff for guidence and teaching me to use NML and the use of his project SPI 1.1 which he lso based on FIRS.
The FRISS Team - I used the parcel office graphics from the Finnish Rail Infrastructure & Stations Set (grf file Kurkimaki).
andythenorth, planetmaker and yexo for some graphics I used from the CHIP Station Set.
Sanchimaru, Oz, norfolksouthern37, Zimmlock, Ben_K, Born Acorn, mph, Arte Pro 34 and andythenorth for the graphics from Industrial Stations Renewal Set.
Also much thanks goes to Kamnet and McZapkie who have helped me to get started with my scenario and other projects.

Another version of this Scenario is ready to be added, but it includes Trackbeds (from Wired), to show where all the railway lines and sidings were in the 1930s. If I get no negative feed back from the one I attached here, I will included the Trackbed version in the next day or 2.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did making and testing.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 16 Oct 2015 03:49
by GarryG

I changed the Industrial file with the above Scenario. Those who downloaded, please replace the Auzind_V3 with this one.

The change I made is with the cargo Parcels.

Before only Boxcars could carry it. But now some Mail Coaches in the 2CC set can be converted to carry Mail or Parcels.

I know some say Mail represents Parcels in the game .. but many moons ago if you had a parcel to send you had choice. Could take it to a Post Office and send as Mail or take to a railway station where you had 2 choices .. could send by passenger train as a Parcel or send as Goods on a slower freight train.

The idea I have in my Industries is to make the trains a bit more realistic and fun. Now you can make up a passenger train to carry Passengers, Mail and Parcels.

For more details see the Text file that is included with the download (also has my email address if any one wants to contact me that way).

Also fixed so if you play a random map and use this industry set .. the Industries that represent railway sidings will now build close to towns.

NOTE: Auzind_V4 Beta Version is available for testing at ... 7#p1158757

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 16 Oct 2015 23:17
by GarryG

This scenario is for those who like to play a game a bit more realistic.

I've put in where all the railway lines to go and how the stations and sidings where designed using trackbeds.

To run trains you need to replace the Trackbed. Just select the type of track you wish to use and then select Convert/Upgrade to build your network.

There are several Txt files included. One of them has a list of NewGRF files required and where to find them.

Auzind_V3 industry set is included with this download. Auzind_V3 is a offspring of FIRS and SPI Industry Sets.

Hope you enjoy.


Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 18 Oct 2015 00:05
by GarryG
Had a comment from a friend of mine about this scenario.

They are:

Map definitely to large . should break it down to 3 sections:

The line from Newcastle should only covered the Newcastle Suburban area which is Newcastle to Morisset, Newcastle to Muswellbrook and Maitland to Dungog. Just beyond those place have the next largest town with all the industries associated with the line as if it was extended.

i.e. Beyond Dungog have Taree next a short distance away .. and have industries there representing all the cargo that came from the North Coast such as timber, wood, fish, livestock, fruit, Vegetables, milk, and probable have other cargos as if these came from Brisbane.

Beyond Muswellbrook, be Coal, Iron Ore, Grain, Cotton, Fruit, vegetables, livestock, timbers, wood etc.

He suggest I do the North Coast as a separate scenario from Maitland to Brisbane .. but could you play a scenario representing 800 km of single line with crossing loops about every 10 to 12 km apart? When I worked at one of the stations on the North Coast in the 1980s it handled on average 50 trains a day, a 1964 timetable shows 60 trains a day.

And do the Northern Line also a separate scenario Maitland to Werris Creek then the 3 lines from Werris Creek to Wallangarra, Moree and Premer.

What you think of his suggestions?

Another project I am working on is the Sydney and Newcastle suburban areas. So far I done from Helensburgh on the Illawarra line to Newcastle and Maitland in the North, west to Penrith and south to Campbelltown. Just some branch lines to finish, then put in the Industries.

Eventually like to do all the lines in my State.

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 18 Oct 2015 04:09
by GarryG
There is a forum site called Australian Train Set Stuff

from here on I be putting all my projects on that site.

I just put 4 more NSW Station Names lists of each of 4 divisions, Southern, Western, Northern and Metropolitan on that site.


NOTE: Auzind_V4 Beta Version is available for testing at viewtopic.php?f=26&t=73048&p=1158757#p1158757

Re: Want to building a scenerio Newcastle Australia

Posted: 14 Jan 2016 05:29
by GarryG
Just to let all know .. I haven't forgotten doing scenarios .. just I been tied up with doing some newgrf projects and I think since they are also Aussie based projects, will work good with a Aussie Scenario.

When I get the latest Auz_Lineside-Objects done I hope to start scenario making .. again. Just maybe one day I get it finished.

They can be found here and some on BaNaNas.