[OTT] Baskenland / Basque Country

Post your custom scenarios here. Saved games also welcome. All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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[OTT] Baskenland / Basque Country

Post by Fry3k » 28 Jul 2007 17:10

I've got a brand new temperate scenario for you to play. It contains the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean from Biarritz in southwest France up to Santander in the north of Spain. The towns are placed on the right spots, industries are places randomly.

Climate: Temperate
Size: 1024 x 512
Starting Year: 1925
Relief: mostly hilly
Number of Towns: 90
Number of Industries: normal
OTT-Version: 0.5.2
used newgrfs: none
recommanded newgrfs: DBSetXL, Stolen trees, Total Town replacement Set 8)

png-Image (259KB)

png-Image (384KB)

Download Scenario!

Hope you'll enjoy :D

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