Network problems! (2 Players) with TTDPatch -> Look here.

Problems with Transport Tycoon?
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Network problems! (2 Players) with TTDPatch -> Look here.

Post by eis_os »

It's somehow boring to have every week a new topic about network problems.

:arrow: First we know Network is unstable.
:arrow: We don't know how to fix it yet,
:arrow: We try our best to make it working
:arrow: Network code doesn't work under NT because of internal Problems

You should read the manual & faq:

TTDPatch FAQ wrote:Can you please fix the multiplayer problems?

No, I can't. Seriously, I just can't. I don't even have two computers to play multiplayer games with. Someone would have to buy me another computer, two licences of XP and two licences of Soft/ICE for XP. Until then, I can't even begin to try fixing anything related to multiplayer games.

Besides, even if I had the computers and debuggers and everything, I'm not sure if the problems can be fixed in the first place. It may be that TTD's networking protocol is just fundamentally broken and can't be fixed, short of a complete rewrite of TTD. Who knows... I certainly don't.
If you have a savegame with a desync problem, try SV2flip on the TTDPatch Tools section

Simple forget to make a new topic or you will present a code fix :wink:

Could some Admin make it close & sticky please?

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