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Kicking Horse Pass Claims Another Train

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 16:00
by wallyweb
This past Monday a train went run-away in Canada's Kicking Horse Pass through the Canadian Rocky Mountains at the site of CP Rail's spiral tunnels which opened in 1909 to reduce a 4.5% grade to 2.2%, still one of the steepest grades in North America. The three man crew died.

Here is the CBC story and here is a follow up story that describes the challenges of winter railroading in Canada.

Re: Kicking Horse Pass Claims Another Train

Posted: 13 Feb 2019 08:07
by GarryG
Made a lovely mess.

When I was with the railways air brakes was only designed to hold a train for about 40 minutes. If a train was to stay stationery longer the guard had to apply several hand brakes on back of train and driver had to apply hand brakes on the locomotives.

One station I was at has a long 1 in 80 climb into my station and the crossing loop was also on a grade of 1 in 140.

When a train was to go into the loop we had to tell the crew how long they would be there so they could decide if the hand brakes be required.

Had 1 derailment in my 3 years at that station. Train with loaded milk tankers that it picked up at a station just north of me, derailed not long after leaving my station heading down the grade. The cause was one of the milk tankers wasn't completely full and the milk guess you can say was making a milk shake sloshing back and forwards and rocked the tanker off the rails on a curve.