Train accident in Fyn/Denmark. 6 killed.

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Train accident in Fyn/Denmark. 6 killed.

Post by Trond »

Sad :(

A passengertrain was hit by the roof of a freighttrain going the other direction and had to brake real hard.
I think thats all that is known for now.
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Re: Train accident in Fyn/Denmark. 6 killed.

Post by Chrill »

It's a weird incident, because the storm (Alfrida, it's called in Sweden) didn't strike Denmark too hard. The Storebælt Bridge has wind restrictions that prevent trains from crossing, however the storm was not that strong. I mean, it hit Sweden harder and all it did was move all my outdoor furniture so that it blocked the door to the balcony. I had to open a window and drag the couch away from the door.
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Re: Train accident in Fyn/Denmark. 6 killed.

Post by jfs »

Supposedly the object(s) that hit the passenger train was (part of) an empty road trailer, loaded on a sunken car. The final cause hasn't been discovered yet, but based on what's known currently it might be a combination of strong winds, the shock wave of the trains meeting, and an issue with how the objects on the goods train were fastened.

The relative speed of the trains when they met was likely around 200-260 km/h. The goods train was running on a 80 km/h restriction due to the winds, while the passenger train may have run at up to 180 km/h.
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