Why good public transport is important.

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Re: Why good public transport is important.

Post by GarryG » 04 Apr 2018 05:49

Hope it a better service than what we have in Newcastle Australia. The timetables for all the public and private transport for this area now controlled by some nut in Sydney. Some say the person who doing the timetables never been on a bus or train in their life.

Several years ago I could travel from my place into the city on h=just 2 services .. a bus and than a train. Now it takes 4 services to do same journey .. 3 buses and a train. How that for progress?

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Re: Why good public transport is important.

Post by YNM » 05 Apr 2018 13:39

One of the mounting problems most American cities face is their size (spread) and (lack of) density. An environtment made for the cars doesn't suit public transport.
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