New Amtrak Alstom Purchase

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Re: New Amtrak Alstom Purchase

Post by JamieLei »

supermop wrote:New York Subway r44s have a record top speed of 141 kmh, which was achieved while testing on LIRR tracks.
Wow...! I would love to have been on that!
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New Amtrak Siemens Purchase

Post by Baldy's Boss »

So the Avelia Liberty trains are still expected for 2021 or so on the Amtrak has ordered new 4400hp diesels for the national network... ... ocomotives

Not sure where they will actually be able to go 125mph but they will also be entering service from 2021 on.
Let's hope track upgrades are funded to let them work to their potential.
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Re: New Amtrak Alstom Purchase

Post by Kevo00 »

That's got to be good news - I am surprised Trump would let them do this!

But are there any plans to sort out the bus substitution on the Southwest Chief (I think it is?).
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Re: New Amtrak Alstom Purchase

Post by supermop »

Kevo00 wrote:That's got to be good news - I am surprised Trump would let them do this!
To be honest it may never have crossed his desk - Amtrak is not a federal agency but rather essentially a government owned corporation, with funding coming from both the federal government and states for specific services. States can and do work with Amtrak to purchase new equipment that will run on services in their region. Congress controls the federal portion of that funding and applies various rules to it, but the executive branch has very little involvement in operations or procurement. Those are typically handled within Amtrak internally by its quasi-corporate structure. Probably the more they keep their nose down, the smoother their sailing through this administration...
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