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Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 01 Jan 2019 23:17
by airportworker1337
Will be doing this tommorow, but

From: Manchester MAN
To: Munich (MUC)
Airline: EasyJet
Flight Number: EZY1887
Aircraft: A319
Seat: 16A, Originally but was moved due to someone in my seat I sat in 17F on the other side of the isle for the duration of the flight.

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 11 Jan 2019 14:37
by airportworker1337
Delayed 50 minutes on the way back due to aircraft de icing and fog in Manchester delaying the take off on the way to Munich. Also there was a slight wait for a pushback team which delayed us even further.

Departing from : Munich (MUC) STD: 1635 ATD 1730 (Ish)
Arriving in Manchester (MAN)

Seat 20D
Aircraft: A319

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 15 May 2019 08:33
by Jalda
It was on Paris.

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 22:53
by orudge
My last flight was today, from London Heathrow to Toronto Pearson on BA's brand new A350-1000 (this particular plane has been flying for less than 2 weeks). It was pretty nice, the in-flight entertainment, screen quality, USB/AC power, etc, was all excellent (I was in economy). I found the width of the seats rather restrictive though - eating my meal was a bit of a challenge. Legroom was also not great.

Arrived at Toronto and passport control, etc, was heaving. They have all these fancy self-service passport control machines you need to use, then you have to join a very long queue for somebody to approve the recept it spits out. Sadly, they no longer stamp your passport when you enter Canada (at least if you qualify for an ETA). So my new passport remains stampless. :(

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 13 Apr 2020 05:03
by DrWho42
my last flight was from SFO in san francisco to the palm springs airport in palm springs

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 13 Apr 2020 14:12
by Chrill
Well, I got out just in time before the Corona lockdown.

13 March
LAX (Los Angeles International) -> CPH (Copenhagen Airport Kastrup) -> ARN (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport)
Flight number SK 932
Flew SAS Business Class, a little treat since it was our honeymoon. The LAX lounge was really nice, and the whole airport was deserted. We sat in the middle of the front row, which meant literally nobody walked past us except the staff. Very nice!

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 16 Apr 2020 11:39
by orudge
Hm, my last flights...

I was needed to visit a client in Oman in November, and the client was paying, which meant business class, nicely. (On the way there it was straight off an overnight flight and into their offices for a full day of work though, so business class was a requirement!)

Flights were:

ABZ - MAN on Flybe (RIP)
"Business" class (free luggage, seat selection, drink and snack etc)
Embraer 175 (the first time I'd been on a Flybe jet, and probably now the last time!)

MAN - MCT on Oman Air
Boeing 787 business class - full flat bed, very nice indeed

MCT - MAN on Oman Air
Boeing 787 business class - day flight this time, so I enjoyed a lovely meal, lots of wine, and a few movies and TV shows :)

MAN - ABZ on Flybe
"Business" class again, but on a Dash 8 this time
It was the week of Bonfire Night, this was an 8.30pm flight, and we flew over several fireworks displays, which was a little surreal!

My hotel in Muscat, the Crowne Plaza Muscat, was lovely - right on the beach, with a stunning view, outdoor pool and so on. Nearly £10 for a beer though! :shock:

Oh, and connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight at Manchester Airport is interesting - I was the only person making this connection, and had to wait about half an hour for a bus to turn up to take me to the other terminal (I did wonder if I'd been forgotten about). I had plenty of time for the connection though, so wasn't particularly worried - the bus dumped me in a seemingly abandoned area of the airport though, where all the lights were off - was a bit of a weird experience walking through all these massive gate areas, lights turning on as I went. On the way back, we were bussed over again (there were a few of us making the connection this time), then had to wait over 30 minutes for a border agent to turn up and actually let us into the country formally, by which time it was a bit of a rush to get to the gate to get home. Would probably have been quicker going to the immigration desk in the original terminal, going airside, then changing terminals and going through security that way (but an airline representative had taken us on this bus, so we couldn't really do that anyway).

No flights booked for this year though, and I can't see me going anywhere any time soon...

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 19:04
by walter4WB
The last one flight was from US to Europe, through France to London, because of family needs.

Re: Your last plane journey

Posted: 12 Jun 2020 15:57
by oftcrash
At the end of January I flew from Boston to Heathrow to New Delhi to Vizag (Visakhapatnam) for work, then flew back via the same route. On the way there we had a 14 hour layover in Heathrow, so we took the train into London and learned that even the bathrooms cost money. Being sleep deprived, and American, I couldn't control my laughter every time I heard "This is the Piccadilly Line train to Cockfosters". I'm not proud. The whole trip was amazing though - my first time to India. I really want to go back.