Your Last Train Journey?

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Re: Your Last Train Journey?

Post by Pilot » 01 Sep 2019 18:59

Well, the month of August ended yesterday, so it's time for my monthly review. It was looking like a quiet month until the Bank Holiday Weekend, where I made various last minute plans. As always, new track is in italics, and new units/locos for myself will this month be shown with underlining.

Saturday 3rd August
0511 Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe on 221122, running via Stockport. An early start on the first CrossCountry of the day, one of their few services that runs via Crewe, and one of the few services that runs non-stop through Stockport.
0607 Crewe to Derby on 158865 and 158813. Due to the Hope Valley line being closed as there was a threat of a Dam collapsing and washing away the railway, East Midlands Trains (as it still was at the time) were strengthening services to/from Crewe to provide additional capacity on an alternative route to Manchester.
0753 Derby to Skegness powered by 43054 and 43046, running via Nottingham and the Grantham avoider. A Summer Saturday additional to/from Skegness using a full 8-car HST. This train was definitely busy enough to require the HST too, and declassified First Class was nice to sit in.
1235 Skegness to Nottingham powered by 43064 and 43045, again running via the Grantham avoiding line. The return working of the second Summer Saturday additional to/from Skegness. Again, definitely busy enough to warrant the use of a HST on this.
1441 Nottingham to Derby on 170110.
1542 Derby to Crewe on 158866. Not quite as large as the morning train, but still a great upgrade on the usual single car 153 on this route.
1730 Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly on 175105, running via Stockport.

Sunday 11th August - The Tri County Triple Tractor Railtour
0945 Manchester Piccadilly to Stockport on 156488 and 156441.
1006 Stockport to Crewe on 323231.
1213 Crewe to Lancaster, hauled by 37518, 37706, and 37669. This was an ECS move turned into a Railtour by the Branch Line Society, with the train being returned from their previous day's tour. With three Class 37s working in Multiple on the front of one train, and only costing £25, it was hard to say no!
1447 Lancaster to Preston on 158754.
1517 Preston to Wigan North Western on 221106 and 221107. A pair of winning Voyager's on one train? May as well!
1538 Wigan North Western to Preston on 390138.
1619 Preston to Kirkham and Wesham on 150115.
1634 Kirkham and Wesham to Preston on 319384.
1709 Preston to Manchester Piccadilly on 195115, running via Wigan North Western and Chat Moss. Another new 195 in the book for travel.

Saturday 17th August
0737 Rochdale to Manchester Victoria on 150118.
0820 Manchester Victoria to Stalybridge on 142045 and 142027.
0846 Stalybridge to Stockport on 142027, running via Denton. It had been a while since I had done Manchester's Parliamentary Train, and since I last did it, it has been doubled in frequency (instead of 1 a week in one direction only, it now runs once in each direction per week), and this was the direct in which I had previously not done it.
0918 Stockport to Hazel Grove on 150106 and 150140.
0935 Hazel Grove to Stockport on 150121 and 150111. 150121 was mid-refurb, with the exterior having been repainted but the interior still being that of First Great Western.
0945 Stockport to Guide Bridge on 142027, running via Denton. I just made this connection by 1 minute thanks to a slightly late Pendolino departure, which had delayed the arrival of my train also. If all had gone to plan, this would have been a 30 second connection.
1004 Guide Bridge to Manchester Piccadilly on 142056 and 150122.
1013 Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Airport on 195124. A heavily delayed Liverpool - Manchester service that I was fortunately able to make a connection to.
1110 Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly on 350406. A 10-mile run on my lowest mileage TPE Class 350 (at 32 miles now). Thought I would have a run on it given the opportunity.
1147 Manchester Piccadilly to Wigan North Western on 195115.
1224 Wigan Wallgate to Hindley on 142049 and 142031.
1247 Hindley to Salford Crescent on 142088, running via Atherton.
1324 Salford Crescent to Manchester Oxford Road on 150224 and 150145.
1351 Manchester Oxford Road to Wigan North Western on 195116.
1424 Wigan Wallgate to Salford Crescent on 150138, running via Atherton.
1506 Salford Crescent to Manchester Airport on 319368. This train ended up about 10 minutes late due to a signalling failure just outside Salford Crescent.
1550 Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly on 195001.
1635 Manchester Piccadilly to Hyde North on 150106 and 150140.
1659 Hyde North to Guide Bridge on 150141 and 142003.
1709 Guide Bridge to Manchester Piccadilly on 323236.

Sunday 18th August
0908 Rochdale to Leeds on 158794 and 158901, running via a reversal at Bradford Interchange.
1105 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate, powered by 43257 and 43251.
1125 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 158848.
1152 Leeds to Bradford Interchange on 158796.
1253 Bradford Interchange to Wakefield Westgate on 180103, running via a reversal at Holbeck Junction. This was diverted due to Engineering Works closing Wakefield Kirkgate.
1256 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 322482.
1324 Leeds to East Garforth on 158758.
1346 East Garforth to Leeds on 170474.
1412 Leeds to Menston on 322481. My last required 322 for travel.
1432 Menston to Leeds on 333006.
1529 Leeds to Bradford Interchange on 142071 and 144018.
1608 Bradford Interchange to Wakefield Westgate on 180104, running via a reversal at Leeds. Another diverted Grand Central service, this one going all the way into Leeds station to reverse (and we even made it to the very eastern end too, reversing in Platform 12D).
1656 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 322482.
1747 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate, powered by 43307 and 43315.
1803 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds, powered by 43055 and 43049. A pair of journey's with a pair of winning HST power cars on both. This was also my first journey with the new "East Midlands Railway" franchise, operated by Abellio.
1825 Leeds to Knottingley on 153373 and 142096, running via Woodlesford, Turners Lane Jn, Calder Bridge Jn and Streethouse. Due to the aforementioned engineering works closing Wakefield Kirkgate, these trains were diverted to run this route instead, coming within about a quarter mile of Kirgate.
1912 Knottingley to Leeds on 142096 and 153373, running via the same route as described above.
2018 Leeds to Rochdale on 158901 and 158794, running via a reversal at Bradford Interchange.
2143 Rochdale to Rochdale Town Centre on M5000 tram 3108.

Saturday 24th August
0650 Rochdale to Manchester Victoria on 158815 and 158792.
0732 Manchester Victoria to Leeds, propelled by 68027, using set TP09, running via Ashton-under-Lyne, Huddersfield and Dewsbury.
0911 Leeds to Sheffield, powered by 43290 and 43367. An LNER HST set on hire to CrossCountry for additional
1021 Sheffield to Leeds on 220021 and 221129.
1055 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds 331101.
1206 Leeds to Liverpool Lime Street, hauled by 68027 using set TP09, running via Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Chat Moss.
1356 Liverpool Lime Street to Leeds, propelled by 68027 using set TP09, running via Chat Moss, Ashton-under-Lyne, Huddersfield and Dewsbury.
1604 Leeds to Barnsley on 158791.
1640 Barnsley to Leeds on 158867.
1710 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate on 221126.
1747 Wakefield Westage to Leeds on 43321 and 43303.
1905 Leeds to Manchester Victoria, hauled by 68027 using set TP09, running via Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Ashton-under-Lyne.
2019 Manchester Victoria to Leeds on 158789.

Sunday 25th August
0854 Rochdale to Todmorden on 150103 and 150115.
0924 Todmorden to Halifax on 158845, 153378 and 153331.
0958 Halifax to Leeds on 150142, running via a reversal at Bradford Interchange.
1100 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate, hauled by 47746 with 47854 hauled idling on the rear. With CrossCountry striking, WCRC had been dragged in to provide some trains between York and Sheffield to increase capacity with the East Coast Main Line being closed as well.
1133 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 800102.
1212 Leeds to Guiseley on 322485.
1235 Guiseley to Leeds on 333001.
1321 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate on 331109.
1350 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds, hauled by 47854, with 47746 idling on the rear.
1417 Leeds to Castleford on 142013.
1444 Castleford to Leeds on 144017.
1523 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate, hauled by 47746 with 47854 hauled idling on the rear.
1540 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 150276 and 153332.
1624 Leeds to Garforth on 170461.
1645 Garforth to Leeds on 158758.
1716 Leeds to Wakefield Westgate, propelled by 91124.
1739 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds on 800102.
1812 Leeds to Menston on 333013.
1832 Menston to Leeds on 333014.
1919 Leeds to Rochdale on 158867 and 158850, running via a reversal at Bradford Interchange.

Monday 26th August
0834 Rochdale to Bradford Interchange on 156461.
1022 Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross on 180102, running via Brighouse, Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontefract Monkhill, Doncaster, Lincoln Central, Sleaford Avoider, Peterborough and Welwyn GC. Due to engineering works being underway to replace the Flat Crossing at Newark, these trains were diverted via the GN-GE Joint Line, so decided to book a cheap advanced ticket on this. Unfortunately, the carriage that I was in had suffered an air conditioning unit fault, which meant that the AC in the carriage was poor, whilst the outside temperature was around 30c. Fortunately the train crew came around and gave us some bottle's of water on a couple of occasions, and the AC started failing in other carriages too.
1733 London Kings Cross to Leeds on 800104, running via Welwyn GC, Peterborough, Newark North Gate, Swinderby, Boultham-Pyewipe Jn curve, Doncaster Decoy Flyover and Wakefield Westgate. Whilst the flat crossing at Newark was shut, North Gate station, and the curve avoiding the Flat Crossing, were not. This also meant that the LNER services were using a curve that is little used in Passenger service, between Boutham Junction and Pyewipe Junction, which is part of the reason I booked to return this way. We ran on diesel from Grantham, from where there was an isolation north of, to Doncaster South Yorkshire Junction, with the rest being done on Electric mode.
2119 Leeds to Rochdale on 142020, running via a reversal at Bradford Interchange. This train ended up 37 minutes late upon arrival, due to a distressed member of the public on the Leeds-bound Platform at Littleborough, where we were held on the Manchester-bound Platform after an emergency brake application.

Just the 2,144 miles this month.

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