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Re: Random Transport Chatter

Post by Redirect Left » 09 Sep 2019 01:27

Dave wrote:
08 Sep 2019 22:03
Was scratching my head as to where I’d written this - then I saw the date!
oops, didn't even notice that. i must have thought i was on the latest page when i was on an older one, sorry for that!

Where I live there are 126 & 127s from Dewsbury to Wakefield and the 232/231 Wakefield to Huddersfield, with a 268 to Bradford from Wakefield too (a few more but they're mostly smaller shuttle ones). The Huddersfield ones are every 30 minutes and never run on time, i don't even know why they have timetables. The 126/127s are every 10 minutes, so naturally bunch up a lot. The 268s are also every 15 minutes, but amazingly don't bunch up all that much, despite the slightly ridiculously long route to Bradford and going through lots of estates and housing areas where there are people getting on every stop for 10 minutes.

My address is a Wakefield City Centre one, so i'm near enough to just walk into the city centre, but to get anywhere else i have to use the godforsaken buses. Really annoyingly, the 231/232s are operated by two different operators, early morning and late evening services are by First, the rest are by Yorkshire Tiger, one of Arrivas companys. So if you want to go out between companies you have to fork out £6.40 for a ticket for all companies instead of just £4.50 for the Tiger services during the day. It doesn't exactly scream "use the buses, save the planet, don't use cars!"
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