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[media] Ships for Transport Empire

Posted: 06 Dec 2007 21:18
by Arathorn
The usual stuff:
This topic is for the work on ships used in transport empire.

Current theme - all climates.

If you want to submit media content for TE which follows this theme - please do this here.

Media might include - textures, models etc.
General rules:

- Higher polycount and resolution is better then lower polycount and resolution
- Format is irrelevant as long as it is relatively common or can be converted to a common format (blender, maya, 3d studio etc).
- The content posted here is considered under GPL license. Therefore if you post, your work automatically becomes GPLd.
So ships it is. I haven't been really active on this forum for a while because of real life interfering, and will have little time to make or coordinate anything in the (near) future. But I was bored tonight and made a ferry in Blender that could be used for TE. It's based on a type of cars, trucks and bicycle ferries common in the Netherlands. Sources: 1, 2 and 3.

Re: [media] Ships for Transport Empire

Posted: 11 Dec 2007 11:56
by uzurpator
Totally downloaded :>

Re: [media] Ships for Transport Empire

Posted: 06 Feb 2009 14:44
by m3henry
I had a go at making the river barges that work in Germany. Contained in zip is a plain model and one with a livery. Also included is a liquids version of the Dry cargo.
EDIT: screens of the coloured ones added.
150ft barge C.png
(30.45 KiB) Downloaded 156 times
150ft barge Oil C.png
(25.36 KiB) Downloaded 148 times

Re: [media] Ships for Transport Empire

Posted: 06 Feb 2009 21:27
by NukeBuster
wow, they look nice.

Re: [media] Ships for Transport Empire

Posted: 07 Feb 2009 11:31
by m3henry
I've added a detachable bow to the Dry Cargo and added an extension barge to both. That brings the polys to less than 300.
EDIT: a screen of the 15 series and the new 20 series all lined up!