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Re: [media] Technical content of TE

Post by Purno »

Japa wrote:aaaaand..... here's two complete windows:

The little check/toggle buttons, IMO we need two, compared to what Windows uses:
- A round one with a simple dot in it, when only one option can be selected
- A square one with a √ alike symbol, when more options can be selected
I'd stick to those shapes and appearances as people are used to them.
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Re: [media] Technical content of TE

Post by m3henry »

- Also some +/- boxes for a tree could come in handy.
Purno wrote:- A square one with a √ alike symbol, when more options can be selected
Just as a
note, Windows also uses a square one with a small square inside to show that only some of the checkboxes in that tree are selected.
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Re: [media] Technical content of TE

Post by bob27 »

Absolutely Beautiful! I think the windows look great and with completely rounded buttons i think it would look really slick.
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