JJ's project and screenshots

Screenshots of your games! All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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JJ's project and screenshots

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Allow me to present my latest project.
I have no name for it yet. If you have any suggestions let me know!

My plan is to create a realistic and detailed country as possible.
This country will have it is own regions, districts and economy.
Everything will be connected both in terms of geography and infrastructure.

So far I've started to construction of the capital.
It's current name is Flensberg (subject to changes).
This metropolis is widely known as global financial and trade hub.
The city has an extensive metro system which zigzags is way through downtown and all the way to the suburbs.
A thing that can't be overlooked is the enormous harbor located to the west of downtown. This harbor import and export a wide varity of goods and raw materials.
The downtown area is mixture of tall skyscrapers along the channels.

To create this country i am using the JGR patch pack which allow me to place every building separately. This of course takes a lot of time, but is a great help to create a realistic and detailed city.
In addition im using a lot of newgrf.
For the map i am using the western europe heightmap with a size of 4096x4096.
The size of the map allow me create a country which have a several distinct regions and areas.
Also I plan to create a different country in north only separated by a river.

The country can be separated into 5 different region:
West: A mixture of hilly and flat terrain.
This region mostly consists of agricultural and mining.
It is poorest of the 5 regions.

Northwest: A flat area which is the home of the country's capital.
The region is known for its many waterways. These waterways creates lots of different islands in different sizes.
If you are in a boat you can actually sail pretty far up this rivers.
The region is dominated by capital and many manufacturing district which takes advantage of the waterways and the massive harbor.

North: A flat area a border region.
One great river separates this region in the north to the neighboring country further north.
Along the river there a many different border crossing, all of them highly guarded due to tense relationship between the two countries.
The economy in this region is mostly based upon agricultural and few mines.

Center/East: A hilly region with spectaculary terrain and a central valley.
The region is know widely know for its fantastic wine and diverse food production in the valley.
It is one of the richest regions due to its specialized economy, as it produces high quality food and rare earth minerals such as diamonds and gold.

South: A very mountainous region with great lakes and rivers.
Some of the rivers that ends in the northwest and westeren part of the country starts in this region.
The region is home to few industries because of its rugged terrain.

I hope you like my small introduction to the project!
If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact me or comment.

As said this is a massive project so I do not have an expected completion date at the moment.
Any updates will shared with you along the way

I might be willing to share the savegame later on, so people have a chance to test it or just have fun with it.
(24.78 MiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: JJ's project and screenshots

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It looks amazing!! Nice job!
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