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Screenshots of your games! All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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Re: STD screenshots

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Two more screenshots from the last games :D . Both screenshots were taken to participate in the competition. OpenTTD_LetsPlayEdition_32bit (Joker's Patch Pack).
SOTM_June19_Junctions & Interchanges.png
In the locality of Zelenokumsk there is a passenger station and a cargo sorting station for receiving and unloading various cargoes (for example, oil, coal, limestone, goods). To the freight station coming in and out of different goods by trucks. There is also a depot where the railway rolling stock is serviced. Suburban electric trains and long-distance trains pass through the passenger station.
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In the city of Nizhnevartovsk there is a large railway station. In front of the station there is parking and public transport (buses, minibuses, taxis) and mail delivery. Suburban electric and diesel trains, as well as long-distance passenger trains run daily through the railway station. There is also a depot for maintenance of railway rolling stock.
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I still have a new game started with the Finnish set of trains. There is not so decorated everything as in the screenshots. I will try to show my screenshots from this game :wink: .
[OpenTTD] STD screenshots
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Re: [OpenTTD] STD screenshots

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Nice shots but maby more fake ships in port and still make better details, i mean Street to :D nothing.

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