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Re: OTTD Romazoon's screenshots

Posted: 31 Oct 2016 15:37
by romazoon

Re: OTTD Romazoon's screenshots

Posted: 01 Nov 2016 02:37
by le_harv
romazoon wrote:
your wish is fullfilled :)

small note though, it s not anymore a multiplayer game, the multiplayer session ended at the time i posted the last save, so now all progress added you will see are made by me, using mostly the "french" company, but also using the others companies when i find it more convenient. I think i mainly added industrial traffic and stations, by train and by road a little by ship, made some improvements in many places (rail junction, better looking stations, or simple upgrade of stations, etc), i added probably a couple airport too, and i think a couple newgrf too (also changed a few parameters from newgrfs)

I added some AIs too, so you ll need to download them from ingame content, if you don t have them already (this i supose is not imperativ as if AI crash it will just stop building)
-> i added AI because i wanted some help on serving more industries, they are limited to RV so they do short haul service, wich i totally letted aside. (i added Road Runner, AIAI, and Simple AI for this purpose)
There is also some Civil AI, wich build roads connection (and serve a few towns as they do need money).
Thanks very much indeed. Good thing I have just about every newgrf ever made so it makes it really easy to load your game plus JGR PP is the only way I play the game these days. Once again my productivity has vanished. You also opened my eyes to a couple of AI's to support the game. I haven't really played with AI's as I wasn't too convinced with the results but I shall play with these, the Civil AI in particular.

Right off to explore...

Re: OTTD Romazoon's screenshots

Posted: 30 May 2018 20:38
by romazoon
testing my new lock and some new CityObject canal piece on an old save !