[OTTD] Purno's little Dutch trains

Screenshots of your games! All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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Re: [OTTD] Purno's little Dutch trains

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Sir A. Boey wrote:Hey Purno like your screenies but I've got a question which trackset are you using?
Not the trainset but the trackset cause I've never seen those electrified rails, they look
very nice.... I play with the CS railtracks and I like them very much but I like those to.
The Dutch Catenary GRF was released a long time ago. Recently the GRFCrawler entry has been updated. Take a look in my sig and you should be able to find it.
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Is Uithuiserhuizen a real name?

Post by eekee »

Hey Purno! I'm playing a game with Dutch town names, and just noticed "Noord Uithuiserhuizen". This is the best name! :lol: Do you know if it's real? I websearched for it, but only got your screenshot thread from 2007. I thought I'd ask because your location is the Netherlands.
Purno wrote:New line connectiong Uithuiserhuizen with some other town with a Mat 64.
Buh? Thought I was writing a PM. Too tired, sorry for bump. I guess there's no sense deleting my post now.
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