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Graphics for RRT3?

Posted: 26 Sep 2008 21:55
by The Tram man
Hi. I just saw one thing, witch i think was a download for RRT3: An ICE. Look at this link and you will see it: And im woundering: Is that a download or not? And if it is: where can i find it?

Re: Graphics for RRT3?

Posted: 05 Nov 2008 12:31
by ostlandr
For about everything you could imagine for RRT3, check out

Be advised, the official 1.05 patch and the unofficial 1.06 patch may not work on Windows Vista.

Re: Graphics for RRT3?

Posted: 16 Nov 2008 10:26
by The Tram man
Now i have downloaded some of those but i have a new question: how do i use the PK4 files? Anybody know that?

Re: Graphics for RRT3?

Posted: 17 Nov 2008 01:16
by DaleStan
I suspect Google does.