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anaconda wrote:But now, it's just a fast paced game that has made me kill a lot of hours. Haven't tried the multiplayer, but I guess that will be a blast! :)
I've started to dabble with the multiplayer and your guess is right - it is a lot of fun - the game comes quite alive when you're up against real people. I think Firaxis have put more emphasis on mutliplayer than the earlier versions of RRT.
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Now that the fixpatch is released, the annoying bugs and errors is fixed. Even though I only made it crash 2 times before patch. Current drivers is a must to get a stable game it seems.

How is the speed on the internet? Does it require a fast link or can it be played on a modem? I've got an ok line, but you allways run into people that has not.
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Re: The New RRT4

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Now that I've been playing some RRT3, I can comment on this intelligently.

Sid Meyer's Railroads! is a kid's game IMHO. I downloaded the demo and found it rather lacking. Run track through the middle of a city and the buildings politely move out of the way?!? To me, part of the fun in RRT3 is having to decide whether or not to spend the dough to bulldoze a spot for a larger station, especially early game when you're flat broke. And the scale is ridiculous- the trains are HUGE.

Personally, I would rather play a game with 2D SimCity 4 style graphics and RRT3 level of complexity.
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