A bit on my status.

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A bit on my status.

Post by uzurpator »

Long time no see fellas huh?

Sorry - but I'm just dropping in :( with a little update.

1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel - I am on my way to finish my master's degree and I have prospects for a well paying job.

2. But - currently I am very short on time. Hopefully in 2-3 months I will return to the project.

3. Thankfully - My programming skills had risen A LOT in the recent times :)
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Post by Hellfire »

Great to hear from you! :D

As you can see, progress here is slow, but steady. Hope to impress you when you return. ;)
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Post by HaroldV »

Nice to hear from you, uzurpator. (Crosses fingers that the Tropical Set redo you had underway will see development in the not-too-distant future.)

I have a favour to ask, too. I've modified some of your sprites of the AC8000CW for personal use in my USSet games. May I post these for consideration? As the sprites' content is still 98% your original work it I feel it would be inappropriate to make these sprites public without your permission.

I could include a screenshot in a private-message or email if you would like.

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