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About TTDPatch
Josef Drexler, aka Patchman, started to write a patch for one of his favourite games when he thought the gameplay could be improved. He managed to add an enormous amount of new features to Transport Tycoon Deluxe by loading an external program that replaces original code when called. Currently, Patchman isn't working on TTDpatch alone, there is now a whole patch team.

TTDPatch can be downloaded from this site. Under the Source Code link to the left are the latest alphas. Alpha releases aren't stable releases of the patch but they do have more features than the latest stable release. Alpha releases are announced in this forum thread. As installing TTDPatch can be quite a challenge one of the forum members developed Nr-TTD. This program helps you setup TTDPatch, including newgrf files and if not yet installed TTD itself too. Please note that this tool only runs on computers with Windows XP SP2 installed.

Bug hunting
Bugs are commonly reported in the somewhat misleadingly called 2.0.1 alpha discussion topic. You can also post a bug in the seperate problems section though.

General information
Players occasionally come up with the same (impossible) idea. This can sometimes be annoying since some ideas keep returning 10x a year. It also makes it hard for Patchman and his team to reply to all suggestion. For that purpose a few threads have been created: Hints & Tips
Enjoy this list of very useful hints & tips threads. Tools & Resources
Patchman and people from the community have created a few tools to use with making new graphics and such. Graphics sets
All new graphics sets can be found in the graphics section. You can also search for a set in this New graphics - GRFset index topic or by using GRFcrawler.
If you consider starting a graphics set yourself please read the Guidelines for creating a set.

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