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About OpenTTD
OpenTTD is a true clone of TTD, 'recreated' in C. It shares the basic gameplay with TTD therefore but the gameplay has been expanded ever since it was created. Because it's been rewritten in C it's much easier to apply new features compared to TTDPatch. Some features already available in TTDPatch haven't made it to OpenTTD yet though. Iinstead other features that probably will never appear in TTDPatch have been succesfully added to OpenTTD.

You can download the latest stable release of OpenTTD from the official website. So-called 'nightly builds' are available from this link.

What can you do if you find a bug in OpenTTD? You can consider pesticide or just post here.

General information
Information regarding the OpenTTD coding style can be found here.

Graphics FAQ
OpenTTD does support some TTDPatch graphics sets (TTDPatch uses NFOid graphics). Some developers have given explicit permission to use their work in OpenTTD. Information who these developers are and how to use new graphics can be found in the following links: Hints & Tips Tools & Resources
If you plan on translating text strings in OpenTTD to a different language you are kindly asked to use the online translator.

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