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About 3DTT
3DTT, also known as Schiene und Strasse or Truck and Trains Tycoon, is a transport simulator that has been released without the consent of the developer. UbiSoft released a beta version of 3DTT but has now stopped selling the game. The developer is still busy with finishing with 3DTT, when that will be done and who will release it is yet unknown.

3DTT can be obtained legally from UbiSoft released a patch for 3DTT and also an additional USA scenario. The patch can be downloaded here (UK patch). An additional UK noCDpatch can be found on GameCopyWorld.
The USA scenario can be found here. This scenario is also for the UK version.

Hints & Tips
The official website of 3DTT also contains a forum with a Hints & Tips section. Some knowledge of the German language is necessary.

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