Welcome to the FAQ Help Centre [read this first!]

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Welcome to the FAQ Help Centre [read this first!]

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A brief introduction.
This forum section was planned a long time ago but suffered from various realisation problems. Now that it's finally launched the TT-forums community can work on expanding, improving and maintaining this section.

Who is it for?
The FAQ / Help Centre's primary goal is to combine the various help threads for all transport simulation games that found a home on the Transport Tycoon forums and their tools. These games are (in alphabetical order):
Transport Tycoon (Original) has no Hints & Tips or Tools threads and is therefore not listed. Transport Unlimited isn't listed as the work on Transport Unlimited has ceased. For Transport Giant and Zugspiel you should just search in their respective sections: overhere for Transport Giant and overhere for Zugspiel.

Why are some topics locked?
Some topics have been locked to prevent users from posting irrelevant or otherwise unfitting material in those topics. Locked topics are usually topics that contain download locations or other valuable data. If you want to submit to a locked topic you can contact GoneWacko, Hyronymus, orudge, Raichase or spacemann-spiff.

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