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Complete cross platform libraries for everything

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 22:08
by Expresso
I open this topic, in the hopes that this post inspires a developer to actually start working on this game and actually get some results done as this takes away having to figure out the cross platform stuff.

Here goes:
  • Graphics: OGRE 3D (nothing new here).
  • GUI: CeGUI (again, nothing new).
  • Input: Object Oriented input system (again, nothing new)
  • Sound: SFML. It is cross platform and allows usage of individual modules. It also supports 3D positional audio. It is a c++ equivalent of libSDL.
  • Threading, file IO: Commoncpp. Nicely cross platform.
  • Configuration storage: YAML as it stores the information in a human readable way... but is also better for machines then XML.
  • Networking: enet or grapple (the first is more stable, but the latter has more features.
  • Data compression and collection: physfs (data files, saved games)
I hope this list helps any future dev who faces the challenge of making this game cross platform.