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Re: [ott3d] Tracks

Posted: 11 Oct 2009 19:29
by lonwolf89
OTT3D is just another branch of TE. The project serves the same purpose as TE but in a separate project that also <changes> a small part of the gameplay (construction-wise for now).

Re: [ott3d] Tracks

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 16:39
by Expresso
Don't forget that freedom is nice, but too much freedom can hurt.

Now, not to say that this system is wrong, but it does need something to help the user when things get complicated. How do you intend to let the player work on a huge junction, without causing him to get annoyed due to the fact that he selected the wrong rail piece on the map?

Re: [ott3d] Tracks

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 17:40
by lonwolf89
well you will be able to destroy tracks you place .. either they are good or bad placed.

As far as junctions, i have 2 methods sketched, one that uses pre-fabs (so when you want to create a huge and complex junction you should have the overall idea on how to build it before you start, but the downside is it will be messy when upgrading existing junctions to fit a higher purpose - this one depends on a lot of factors hence the Clamp() algorithm will give in a helping hand only if possible) and one that is totally freeform but this will add a lot of complex verifications and calculations to the construction and pathfinding sections of the game.

They both have pros and cons, i still need to decide which one is better. As far as road-designing, that will go with a prefab building tool for sure.

One thing is certain, the final goal is to be as freeform as possible and be player-friendly.