2.0.1 alpha 49

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2.0.1 alpha 49

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Hi all,

I've finally uploaded the latest alpha version. You can get alpha 49 as
usual at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

The long delay was mostly due to me having to fight with Windows about
who's boss in my computer. Besides occasionally refusing to work, or
locking up when I was testing the patch, it recently decided that I had
no sound card (despite all evidence to the contrary), and that DirectX
was an illusion. No amount of reinstalling helped. So eventually I
decided that I had it with Windows, and moved my whole patch development
to Linux, which I'd been using as my main OS for years anyway.

After a few initial difficulties, I'm now able to develop the patch
entirely on Linux, so we're set for a steady stream of alpha versions
again. No thanks to Windows :)

So what's new? Apart from the usual bug fixes and minor improvements to
various newgrf features, there are a few new items as well. The first
one is a new "Fund Industry" window written by Csaba, who also
implemented the display of snow in the temperate climate. This needs a
.grf file to enable the snow line though, so wait for one to be released
some time in the future. Another new switch, "townroadbranchprob" might
be useful to reduce the number of streets that get built in a town.

Mek hasn't been lazy either, and wrote the "fifoloading" feature
(fifo=first in, first out), which lets trains that have "full load" in
their orders get loaded in the order that they arrive at stations. This
isn't perfect yet, for instance this means that there will never be more
than one train being loaded at once, and sometimes there are problems
when trains are sent to the depot from a station. If you find that a
station is "stuck" and doesn't load any trains at all, try the "Cht:
ResetFifo" switch.

So enjoy the new version and look forward to even more new stuff soon!


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 49:
- support sprite sizes > 32KB (now up to 64KB supported)
- fixed bug with station overbuilding not working near map edges
- fixed road vehicles sometimes stopping in front of bus stops
- fixed gamemode variable 92 getting set too late when loading
- fixed traffic jams when bus leaving bus stop breaks down or is
- made action 1 nument and action 5 numsprites an extended byte (use
FF xx xx for word values)
- added changes by Csaba:
* Added property 0d (land shape flags) to industry tiles
* Added property 20 (prospecting success change) to industries
* Documented changes being undocumented in the previous version
* Drop down menus now use the actual screen height instead of
the hardcoded 480 to decide when to "drop up"
* Finished the new industry generation window, now it should be
able to do anything the old one did, including funding
* Newhouses bug fixed: when deciding whether to call callback
1C for the first time, the wrong byte was checked
* Minor bug fixed: coal mines had strange color on the map in
the Win version with newindustries being on
- gamespeed now takes a parameter that specifies the initial setting
- implemented action 10, GOTO labels for action 7/9
- fixed crash when too many station types are available in a given
- by Mek:
* fixed bug where building track built the wrong track piece
* new switch `fifoloading on' (-YF) to set trains to load in
the order they arrive if they have are set to full load
- embedded oslash glyphs in newspaper font size (with generalfixes)
- added changes by Csaba:
* new switch: "tempsnowline", currently supports a stationary
snow line only, without snowy trees
* New callback 22 for industries to allow disabling industry
types according to global variables (especially date)
* New triggers 02 and 04 for industry tiles
* Added 16 random bits to industries
* Added variable 18 to allow passing extra information to GRFs
during callbacks
* Added variable 97 to allow defining the snow line (can be
modified via action D)
* New switch: townroadbranchprob (I hope Oskar is happy now ;)
* Fixed performance scores showing up negative if they're above
* Fix: house overrides weren't cleared after loading a game
* Fixed some bugs copying original industry build chances
* New debug sign cheat "cht: snowline xx" to set the snow line
height to xx (decimal)
* Tweaked random bit handling so it supports separating 80 and
83 modified bits
* Fixed a bug that prevented newtownnames from working after
entering a game from the title screen.

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